May 5, 2015

Finishes Are Fun...

I finished these and sent them on their way Monday afternoon. Twelve with yellow swirl backs and another twelve with a green chevron pattern. They'll be there in plenty of time for the baby shower on the 10th.
This is the green background fabric, up close. Both backing fabrics are colorful, but not "baby girl" or "baby boy". Guests won't know the baby's gender until the "reveal party". Won't that be fun?
I also did a favor for a friend. She has relatives in the service and her young son requested a messenger bag for carrying his school work that gave a nod to his elders. She asked me to embroider fabric she provided. 

I finished the embroideries for her yesterday afternoon, and she came and picked them up as soon as they came off the machine. Now, I'll turn my attention to finishing Carol's wool memory book (from my Sixth Blog Anniversary Giveaway) in hopes that I can send it off to her this week, too. Finishes are so much fun!

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Createology said...

Beautifully created and in such quick request response. Creative Bliss Dear...


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