May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Eve...

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Today is the day before Mother's Day. 
I would have ordered a lush arrangement, brimming with daisies to be delivered today. They were Grace's favorite flowers...the unassuming, unpretentious daisy. I was honored to be able to gift her with an arrangement on every special holiday. She was always so grateful, and often told me, "I knew you wouldn't forget me." She was so right.

Not a single day passes that I don't think of her and wish that I could simply pick up the telephone and speak with her. I'd love to hear her voice, her laugh and her thoughts. 

This is our first Mother's Day without her. I'll call Sis to let her know she's in my thoughts this weekend, and we'll probably shed a tear or two together. Then we'll tell each other how Mom is so much happier now that she can spend Mother's Day - and every day - in Heaven, pain-free and whole.

If the person you call "Mom" is in Heaven, you know how I feel. If she's still here with you (and you share a loving relationship), I hope you'll be able to spend part of your day together. At the very least, give her a call and tell her how much she means to you.

I know there are some who don't have that loving relationship, even if their mother is still alive. To you, I would say, "Buy a small bouquet of daisies to share with a woman you love and admire, or give her a call and tell her what she means to you." She'll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

To all my blog friends who are moms, I want to take a moment to tell you that you're special and loved. Whether you spend the day with your kids or not, trust that you're in their thoughts. 

I know that I'm a day early, but not all of you come to visit with me on Sundays. Mother's Day blessings to each of you - now and always.

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Createology said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Donna Dear. Grace is very proud of you as she will always be part of your life in the most special way. Love and Hugs My Friend...

Patchworker said...

Donna, Happy Mother's Day to you and like you, have wonderful memories of my Mum who has been gone now for 26 years but not a day goes by without thinking of her and miss her lovely smile!

The daisies look so fresh and lovely to admire each day.

TerriSue said...

I lost my mother in 1995 to breast cancer. She was only 3 years older than I am now. I look at my grandchildren all the time and think how much she would have delighted in them. My own children don't remember her that well. She loved them so. Every Mother's Day that comes it hurts as a day doesn't pass that I don't think of her and miss her still. She was my best friend.


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