January 12, 2018

Planning For Spring...


My second seed catalog arrived today. (The first one came from Jung Seeds here in Wisconsin.) Isn't this a beautiful cover image? I can't wait to make a cup of tea, put my feet up and mark all the pages for things I want to order.

Seed Packets
I went online to place my order for the catalog, and figured as long as I was there, I'd order a few packets of seeds, too. I received hollyhock seeds from my friend, Jody, in Tennessee, but I'm planning lots of them for the farm, so I ordered two more packets of pink colored ones. 

I'm also going to plant cucumbers for pickling this year. The pickles I made last fall have been so popular, I'm definitely going to plant my own stock this year. This variety is supposed to be well-suited to container gardening, should I choose that route. (I like options.)

So, as temperatures drop this weekend, I'm going to be looking forward to warmer days here at the farm. They'll make for perfect growing weather for our crops this year.

PS - Destiny is back in business. I fixed my embroidery issues and am back to working on my commissions. squeeee! 


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Createology said...

Aaah the JOYs of seed catalog perusing and planning for Spring plantings. Seeds have gotten very expensive from what I remember years ago. I do love the seed packets artworks. You will have lots of options dear. So happy Destiny is feeling better and doing her wonderful embroidery work. Blissful Blessings...<3


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