December 29, 2016

Here Chick, Chick, Chick...

Brynwood Needleworks - Chicken Decor
When Handsome and I travel, we frequently stop at Cracker Barrel restaurants. (Of course, once we park the Airstream though, I love to provide home cooked meals for us.) Anyway, CB provides consistent, tasty meals...and I always have fun browsing the market that greets hungry travelers when they enter.

Brynwood Needleworks - Chicken Baskets
When we stopped to eat on this latest trip, I got the chance to check out their latest stock - in this case "livestock"! One whole display was dedicated to chickens!

Now, Handsome has nixed any ideas I might have about adding chickens (or anything else live) at the farm, aside from Tag and Bella. I agree that we couldn't possibly while we're only there part time. After all, Andy and Shelly take great care, watching over our place in our absence, but I think even they would say "no" to taking care of chickens in my absence. (Don't worry, Shelly. I wouldn't dream of it.)

But, I can't see a good reason that I couldn't have a chicken-shaped basket; or a hanging piece; or
Brynwood Needleworks - Chicken Shelf
this awesome-sauce chicken shaped shelf unit to hang in the kitchen! It's at least two feet tall and had all those shelves to hold my creamware pitchers or some of the gifts Shelly has given me since we bought our northern home!

I didn't buy anything this time, but I'm not making any promises if I happen to stroll into one of the local restaurants. (No chickens dressed in polka dots, but the rest...) What do you think? Yes or no?


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deb said...

Yes to the shelf!

Createology said...

Oh the possibilities! Yes to whatever makes you smile my dear. I want CB rocking chairs. Fabulous Friday of an ending year.

tja said...

YES to live chickens when you are settled. My youngest son convinced us to delve in when he was six years - we loved every moment of having them even built what we lovingly referred to as Chicken Knox meaning that their home was critter and storm proof - their pen is huge and was wired on top to prevent flying predators - hawks especially but we do have an Eagle pair from swooping in for a meal - survived two tornados. They aren't with us anymore and we desperately miss them - the eggs were great - they were great - they were all hand raised and were just fun!!!!! One broke her leg in the early days before we knew how to really care for them and well I promised to get her fixed so son would go to school - well little did I know her leg was broken - $75 later and a full cast she was living in the house with us in a laundry basket - made the front page of the local newspaper and sparked the debate of the year on the local radio - she fully recovered was the alpha and died at 10yrs old a natural death with never a limp. The chickens did fine with the Weimaraner and Min Schnauzer as well as both cats and numerous wild critters that would have loved to enjoy them lol.

Will provide you lots of enjoyment once you are me if you ever decide. Can share some don'ts before you get started with the pen and coop. Once we are more settled we plan to restart but will make some improvements to both the pen and the coop.

The shelf could lay the foundation to getting hubby used to the idea of live chickens ---- so far from the pics you have shared - I think it would look lovely in the pantry.

Blessings for safe travels and wonderful new year.

TerriSue said...

I have a small theme of roosters and chickens going on in my kitchen. I like them and have tried hard not to let them overrun things so far...That chicken shelf though, hmmm I would have to seriously think about it.


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