December 4, 2016

Dresses and Dollies...

Brynwood Needleworks- Charlotte's Dresses

I received the last gift of dresses at our guild meeting in November from Charlotte G. She included the fabric to make the dolls, so my friend, Jamie took the dresses (and the fabric pieces) and made all the dolls to send out with our shipment.

Brynwood Needleworks- Jamie's Dollies
Aren't they sweet? All of them have smiles on one side and and sleepy faces on the other. These will be added to the other dresses we received for this drive - and they'll all be sent off to our Orlando ambassador group.
Our totals for this drive are: 35 dresses and 33 dolls
While the Dress A Girl Around The World program will continue, I need to close the Dressed In Joy  group and effort - at least for now. Handsome and I have the farm in Wisconsin, our home in Florida on the market, and we have no final plan yet for when it sells. I'm not really able to give this effort the attention is deserves. 
I remember when I first learned of the DAG program, and asked you, my friends and readers, to participate. I actually never thought it would be more than a single drive when I first approached all of you. You all know how it grew from there! Final totals since we started making and delivering dresses and dolls is pretty incredible. 
Our group made a total of 725 dresses and 429 dolls!

If anyone cares to continue making and sending dresses and dolls to the Orlando ambassador group, please send me an email. I have more labels that I'm happy to share (free), and I can give you the name(s) of my contacts. You would be making dresses on your own, and no longer affiliated with my Dressed In Joy group. As I'm leaving for the farm today, I won't be able to send labels until I return, but I'll keep track of names and send them out when we return to Florida the end of the month.
I am beyond humbled by our combined efforts, and I want you to know how much I - and all those little girls - appreciate everything you have personally done to make this happen. Thanks, and thanks again.

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mray said...

I thank you Donna for inspiring me to participate in creating & enjoyed sewing for all the little girls somewhere in the world who could wear a new dress made just for them!
What a wonderful organization of volunteers, who made so many girls happy. I loved making over 100 dresses and plan to continue here in southern California. Thank you again dear friend for introducing all of us to "Dress A Girl Around the World."

Createology said...

Dress a Girl Around the World has certainly opened up my horizons. Thank You sew very much Donna Dear for your organizing this group of Dressed in Joy contributors. I am honored to have participated. I shall continue in the future however for now my sewing is packed away while our home is For Sale. My wish is for both our homes to sell. Your Hickory Hill Farm is a new chapter in your life and I am so very happy for you and Handsome. Safe Travels my Friend...XO


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