December 6, 2016

Amost There...

Brynwood Needleworks - Geese In Flight

I'm getting closer. The skies are overcast, the geese are flying, and it's getting colder. All signs that I'm now more "north" than "south". (You might have to squint to see all the geese - masquerading as little black dots - all across the lower half of this photo!)

I drove most of Tuesday in the rain, stopping frequently to stretch my legs, and air the dogs. We never intended to drive the full distance back to Wisconsin yesterday, so we took our time.

Brynwood Needleworks - Weary Road Warriors
Even so, it seemed to be a long day because of the rain. We finally parked the truck in north central Illinois, we ate our dinners and tucked in for the night.

Today, we'll be back at the farm. We'll have help unloading the truck and taking everything into the house (hopefully before the deep freeze hits!). I'll make up my bed and we'll be tucked in and cozy at the farm tonight. I'll be sure to take pictures of some of the rooms to share with you tomorrow!
Thanks, everyone for the get well wishes. My knee feels much better, although it's still slightly swollen. Tag, Bella, ice and Aleve did wonders for it. xo


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Buttons said...

Almost home! Rest well tonight....xoxox

Createology said...

Your beloved fur-children are making certain you rest that knee and feel better. Hickory Hill Farm is so ready for you to bring life and grace and purpose back into such a grand homestead. Healing Energy and Hugs...


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