December 9, 2016

Farmhouse Weekend Update...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farm Bath "Before and After"
I'm posting a second set of Farmhouse Renovation photos because I love reading your reactions to the changes. So, here's one more room update for the weekend.

We have a small half bath downstairs, but this is the main bathroom at Hickory Hill Farm. For now, we're only changing paint and adding a shower curtain. Eventually, we'd like to add a claw foot tub, double vanity, a small linen cabinet, and new flooring.

The tub is one of those that has circulating jets, but not being a "tub people" it's not likely to get much use from Handsome or me. The grandkids might like it, though.

We do, however, like showers, so the first thing we needed to do was add a rod for curtains. I did a little research and decided to add a rod like you'd find over a free-standing tub. I located this one at It was even on sale, so that was bonus.

Son #2 is our contractor/carpenter at the farmhouse. He has his own carpentry business, so all this is right in his wheelhouse. He came yesterday to install the rod and after it was assembled, he held it up and we both knew right away it was going to have to be modified. The rod that attaches to the ceiling was so long that the whole assembly would have been about waist high when installed! Of course that wasn't going to work.

He removed the ceiling rod and we decided how long we wanted it to be. Then he cut it to our length (10" from the ceiling), put it back together, and installed it. The new height is perfect. We can get into the tub now without having to duck under the rod. (I know. Great mental image, right? Imagine me fully dressed, please.)

Brynwood Needleworks - Farm Bath After
I attached the rings and two shower curtains (one for the wall side and one for the room side), and now it's ready to use. I love the crisp white and gray in this room, too. Of course, there's a toilet (and radiator) in this room, but you already know what those look like. 

Brynwood Needleworks - Radiator Cover From Jeanne d' Arc Magazine

The floor will eventually be changed out and the radiator will get the same treatment as the rest next summer. In case you've forgot what we're planning for the radiators, here's what I'm thinking, with slight modification. Our covers won't have legs, but will go all the way to the floor (because unlike this one, our pipes come out of the floor rather than the wall), and all the brown radiators will be painted white. Our son will be making the new covers (ten to be exact). They'll be beautiful and will actually allow more heat to circulate than what we have now. 

Well, that's all for farmhouse pictures this week. Next week, I'll share photos of my Christmas projects with you. I'll be spending some time with family tomorrow, and by the time the forecasted  snow storm hits, I'll be tucked in at Hickory Hill with Tag and Bella - the hum of the sewing machines keeping us company. Have a great weekend.


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Goatldi said...

Just love what you have done. What a chore to resize the set up but it works well. Nice to have an in house carpenter! I would enjoy a jetted tub on barn cleaning days just to soak the cranky out of the bones. But other than that I am with you on tubs. Enjoy!

Createology said...

What a wonderful vision you have for updating Hickory Hill Farm. I love the elegant gray and white painting. I am not a tub person but hubby is and he invested in a freestanding air jetted tub (no stinky water remains in the jet system). I do like the tub. Your shower curtain is really nice. How very nice to have your son as your contractor. Keep the "Farm Report" coming. I love seeing the progress. Blessings and Bliss...


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