December 15, 2016

Farmhouse Pincushion...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Pincushion

I received a wonderful surprise yesterday from my dear friend, Kathy D. We were able to get together for lunch and a little "retail therapy". Whenever we see each other, she has a gift for me...and knowing that, I made one of the cork clutches (I showed you in yesterday's post) especially for her.

She came out to see our farmhouse and, as always,  had a lovely gift bag in her hand for me. We came inside and I gave her the 25¢ tour. (It's not a 50¢ tour until we're finished with the renovations.) After we sat down, I gave her the Grab and Go Clutch I'd made for her - and opened my gift to reveal a new pincushion she'd made for me.

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Pincushion Detail
Kathy knows I love and collect pincushions, so she's made some really beautiful ones for me using wools and applique. This is the first with counted thread. What makes it especially wonderful is a personalized detail she added. She told me the date from the original pattern was supposed to be "1798" (I think), but she changed it to "1918"...the year our farmhouse was built! 
Each stitch is perfection, the sleigh carrying a pine tree, the lovely, big farmhouse, and (oh, yes) the snowflakes. It really couldn't be a more thoughtful gift from the hands of my talented and generous friend. 

I'll treasure this gift, Kathy. A most fitting memento of our first winter and Christmas in our Wisconsin farmhouse. Thank you, dear, from the bottom of my grateful heart. xo

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Kris said...

Oh, Donna, your new pincushion is wonderful!! We had a pincushion exchange at our Guild tonight!! I love pincushions and have quite a collection too!!

Danice said...

I also love pin cushions. That one is very pretty and personalized. 'Love the design.

Createology said...

Kathy is certainly a treasured friend and knows just what you love. Her pincushion gift with the Hickory Hill Farm date is priceless. Winter Farm Bliss Dear...


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