December 8, 2016

Farmhouse Update...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farm Kitchen Update

I've been asked to share photos, so I decided to show you updated kitchen photos. We're not going to complete this space until we've moved up, but there have been changes. This wall backs up to the staircase to the second story. It's the east wall of the kitchen.

The little cabinet came out of the pantry (originally sitting on the floor like this - right inside the door) and I'm using it as a stand for the portable convection oven and induction cooktop for the time being. No fancy farm chairs for us (yet). This is just a camp chair that came off the Flying Cloud before we took it to Ohio. Comes in handy when you need to set a spell.

Brynwood Needleworks Farm Kitchen Update

This is how I envision the finished kitchen on this wall. 1) Notice that handy laundry chute to the basement. Wet or dirty kitchen linens will slide right down to a waiting basket downstairs. 2) This little bump out is where the wall oven and microwave cabinet will be. 3) This area will be a run of butcher block countertop, with a gas cook top or full gas range in the center. I just haven't decided yet. There will be an exhaust fan above in an enclosure that will match the cabinets we choose. 4) The exposed piping will remain. It will be painted white soon. The flooring will be changed.

Brynwood Needleworks Farm Kitchen Update

The windows in the south wall of the kitchen let in wonderful, natural light. I'm going to make white linen curtains and a valance to hang across them. In the corner is a radiator. Our heating contractor is calculating how tall and how many "fins" are needed to go from this tall radiator to one that will fit under the windows to have the same output. Then, he's going to hunt for the replacement. That way, our second counter top can run the full length of this wall (the west wall).

Plans will be to have more butcher block counters; a large, white farm sink in the center; cabinets and cutlery drawers below; as well as a dishwasher on the near end. Above the dishwasher will be a single, glass door cabinet for drinkware, and at the other end of the wall, a double, glass door cabinet for every day dinnerware. I'm still debating whether or not we should open up the center of this wall (above the sink) with a stationary window overlooking the back "friends and family" entrance. We'll see.

Brynwood Needleworks Farm Kitchen Update

This picture was taken standing where those two vertical pipes (needing paint) are located. I'm looking back at the pantry and the west wall of the kitchen (left side) and door to back entry hallway. The appliance in the right foreground is the little counter top convection oven, sitting atop the former pantry cabinetry piece.

Much of the wainscoting will disappear once the kitchen is installed, but it's painted for now to finish out the room until we're ready to move ahead with the actual kitchen. We haven't decided yet if our oak dining table will serve as our kitchen eating area in the center of the finished kitchen, or whether we'll opt for a marble-topped island for making bread! We'll know better after we actually start working on this room.

Brynwood Needleworks Farm Pantry
Speaking of's received its second coat of paint, and has really brightened up. The open space at the end of the floor-to-ceiling cabinets is where the base cabinet used to sit. It's in the kitchen space now.
To the immediate left inside the door is the current sink. We've decided that we're going to eventually take out this sink, and that's where our refrigerator will go. There's plenty of width for one, and we have enough depth, so it'll stay well back from the door jamb. It also keeps a large fridge out of the kitchen space, giving us more visual and physical room there.

I think that about covers this area until we get to installing a full kitchen (and new flooring). Next time, I'll share another painted room here. A lot changed upstairs since I left in October, and I want to share it with you very soon. That's all, though, for now. Time for me to get sewing!

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Createology said...

You have really selected beautiful elegant paint colors that freshen and brighten this wonderful kitchen space. The butler's pantry looks amazing and I agree putting the frig in there is very smart. How fun to be camping out while you formulate just how you want everything to be.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Love getting the photos! It's so bright and awesome. How is your knee?

Sewing In CT said...

What a long wonderful post. Thank you for sharing so much! You must be thrilled and exhausted to be "home." Have a good rest and enjoy yourself!

TerriSue said...

I don't know what you had in Florida, but I am going to put in my two cents about sinks. A little over a year ago while I was cleaning up in my kitchen, suddenly a flood started pouring out from beneath the cupboard underneath the sink. I called for my son and he came running to help me. He got everything pulled out from the cupboard and found the problem but said it was over his head and we would have to wait for Jim to come home and fix it. This was just after Jim's mother had died and for the first time we had a bit of expendable cash. When Jim got off work and sized up the situation he said we were going to have to do a complete new plumb job. He also didn't like the way the bottom of the sink looked so he felt we should invest in a new sink. I was overjoyed. When we had moved into the house in 2003 the sink had been stained. It was also an almond color and I am a white kitchen person. I had scrubbed that sink with everything I could think of to remove the stains to no avail. In desperation I had even tried to bleach it once though I abhor bleach and what it does to the environment. It didn't do a thing. I picked out a Kohler sink that is quite deep and has no division. I love having that huge amount of sink. If I am doing dishes I have a dishpan that fits in the sink and stows underneath it. When Jim and Eric took out the old sink one of them could almost balance it on one finger it was of such an inferior grade. It took both of them to carry in the box with the new sink. Jim built a cradle underneath the sink to support the weight. I have lived in so many houses and apartments Donna. I have lived with all kinds of shapes of sinks. I haven't liked any set up as well as this one. Now one of my favorite things to do is scouring my sink with Bon Ami before I go to bed. When I get up in the morning to start coffee I enter the kitchen and see that wide expanse of white. Well anyway that is my two cents. Donna, I would never have a divided sink again by choice.


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