December 13, 2016

Grammie's Jammies 2016...

Brynwood Needleworks - Grammie's Jammies 2016

I finished Grammie's Jammies for this year. The first are for our grandson. I purchased the black, waffle weave Henley top. I didn't bring any knit fabrics with me, and frankly, it was easier to just get a top that I knew he'd like and wear.

He's 15 now, so I can't make Spider-Man or Minions for him anymore. Instead, I chose music-themed fabric. This particular fabric is "All Amped Up" by Dan Morris. ©2015 RJR Fabrics. It came from my stash.

Brynwood Needleworks - Grammie's Jammies 2016

I guess I made them in order of age this year without even realizing it. These are the jammies I made for Granddaughter #1. These fabrics came from my "semi-permanent" stash. I've had them almost since moving to Florida! They're "Charms", designed by Nancy Halvorson for Benartex.

I bought these when I worked at a (now-closed) local quilt shop when we moved to North Port in 2002. I bought at least two fabrics in every colorway. I'm not sure I ever actually took home a paycheck while I worked there.

Brynwood Needleworks - Grammie's Jammies 2016
Last, but certainly not least, are the jammies I made for Granddaughter #2. I purchased these fabrics this year. The fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs, called "Wonderland" by Melissa Mortenson. I love the rabbits and the pants are a coordinating floral.
I still have things to make, but these projects are complete - and this year, I'll get to see them open their packages. It's a gift for them...and a gift for me! On to the next project...

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Kris said...

Very fun!! All of them!!

tja said...

love them - had to laugh though as Tag sneaked in a preview for us yesterday by draping the bottoms of two over the arm of the love seat he was laying on....great job Tag :)) Glad your home with family - many blessings to all.

Createology said...

Grammies Jammie's look so wonderful and comfortable and filled with love! Such a great tradition you created making Grammie's Jammie's every year for your Grands. XO


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