August 4, 2015

Sweetwater's Love Zipper Bag...

Sweetwater Love Zipper Bag - Brynwood Needleworks Version - Front
Another special Birthday next weekend, so I'm busy making a collection of projects to mail. This one is made from the "Love Zipper Bag" pattern from Sweetwater. It was super simple to make, and I love the way it turned out.
Sweetwater Love Zipper Bag - Brynwood Needleworks Version - Back
I'm told that the recipient loves the colors purple and "acid green". Well, I have lots of greens in my inventory, but not "acid green".

I did have these feminine purple roses which reminded me of the vintage wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. (The color in my room was red, but the design was the same.) I think this meets the "purple" criteria - and fulfills my preference for "girly", too.
Sweetwater Love Zipper Bag - Brynwood Needleworks Version - Label
Sweetwater's original design called for a special "Love" label, but I had this one for a tote pattern and decided to use it here instead.

I have a Sweetwater "Label Crew Membership", so I get a new pattern each month. Each month's pattern comes complete with a label used in that design and a personalized label for signing my work. It's a great value and the labels are always fun to receive.

***As I write this, I realize that I forgot to put any label in this one! I'll be adding that personalized, iron on label to the inside of one of the pockets as soon as I finish writing this. (face palm)
Sweetwater Love Zipper Bag - Brynwood Needleworks Version - Zipper Pulls
I completed the bag (except for the label!) by adding the zipper pulls to the zippers. The top one is the "Handmade" pull that I purchase from Janelle McKay at Emmaline Bags in Canada. They're high quality and Janelle ships them fast from "up north". My orders take no time at all to arrive here in south Florida.

The second pull is a sun charm I've had in my supplies, waiting for the perfect project. It has a moon on the reverse. It was a fun addition to this piece.

I'll finish the rest of my projects for the Birthday girl today and then they'll be ready to mail away to the Birthday Girl.

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  1. This is quite a Sweet gift you have created. Looks like a handy little bag for the birthday girl. Creative Bliss Dear...


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