August 13, 2015

Dress A Girl Update...

Today's going to be an exciting day.
I'm driving to Clermont, FL to meet with sixteen women who have been busy making dresses for our Dress A Girl Around The World project.

I'm going to speak to the group about our project, and plans for making it an continuing effort going into the future. I'm taking a few dresses and a Humanitarian Doll to show them, too.

I've also decided to extend our deadline one more week to August 22nd...just in case someone wants to make a dress but hasn't had time until now. I'm making a gift to give each person who contributes a dress to our inaugural effort, and this is the only chance to get one of the gifts. 
I'll share our totals and how many participated this time next week. I'd better get ready so I can get on the road to congratulate Linda and her sewing group. I can't wait!


  1. You've done such a wonderful job promoting this project! Congratulations! I hope it will be ongoing and that I'll be able to contribute later on.
    Enjoy your meeting with the new group!

  2. Thank you Donna for being the catalyst I needed to participate in this most wonderful and heartwarming Dress a Girl Around the World project. You are inspiration personified. Safe Travels My Friend...


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