August 20, 2015

Alice In The Studio...

Brynwood Needleworks - Adventures in Wonderland fabrics
If you have appointments and run errands that take up your entire afternoon, there really isn't much time to start something new to share by dinnertime. Have you noticed that simply playing in your fabrics, fibers or books, feels nearly as good as actually creating something?

I chose to play in my fabrics! I have Alice in my studio, so I was checking out the designs in the fabric, trying to decide how I might actually use them (besides incorporating the pretty selvage in my ongoing selvage blocks).
Brynwood Needleworks - Adventures in Wonderland by Windham Fabrics
I have a few ideas...a Classic Organizer (Pattern HERE); a Classmate Organizer; a child's quilt; a little dress; a pincushion or even a tote. The possibilities are endless. Why...I believe I just imagined at least six impossible things before breakfast! Who knows what I'll actually decide to do with them?


  1. Yes I do love to "shop" and plan in my roooms without actually creating anything at that time. How wonderful that you have Alice in your studio to play with. I love your Classic Organizer and I did buy your pattern. I will share my progress very soon. Lovely Day Dear...

  2. I love all your fabrics! You are certainly the most talented seamstress I've ever known, Donna!


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