August 27, 2015

All Is Right With The World...

"Home Again" - Framed Cross Stitch Design Featuring D. Morgan Image
This framed needlework piece used to hang in my shop (Stitches) in Wisconsin, but now it resides in the hallway of our home here in Florida.

I love the verse:
"I hear your footsteps down the hall.
You are home again and safe.
All the burdens of the day are softened -
and all the night noises are music to my ears."

Handsome got back home yesterday afternoon. Tag and Bella (and I!) were jumping all over him, and we were all so glad to have him home again.

We spent the evening catching up on his travels, and sharing news on the home front. The dogs just wanted to cuddle and have him pay attention to them. (They were such pests!) 

Studio time working on class models was put on hold. I'll finish preparing for my Saturday class today.
Leisure Arts Chart for "Home Again".
This is the chart for the design, just in case you're interested in stitching this piece for your home. (It is not a Brynwood Needleworks design.)


  1. Such a fitting stitchery piece. The JOY of being safely home is priceless. I can honestly see all three of you begging for Handsome's attention. Home Sweet Home...


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