August 2, 2015

The Joys Of A Lifelong Friendship...

"Senior Selfie". The Quartermans and the Liljegrens. Happy.
 I'm calling this our "senior selfie".

My oldest friend, Cyd and her husband, Bill decided at the last minute to make a long weekend trip to Florida. They started with friends north of us in Pinellas County and got to our home on Saturday. They stayed with us overnight before moving to their next destination.
Quartermans and Liljegrens
It was a short visit, but we made the most of it. We shared a meal; stayed up late; caught up on each others' lives and remembered treasured, shared memories. Best of all, we promised to do it again very, very soon.
Donna Liljegren and Cyd Quarterman
This is what a fifty four year old friendship looks like.
When we're together, it always feels like home. Cyd is one of the few people in this entire world who makes me feel this way. We've shared our lives since we were six years old. We can be apart for ages, but when we come together, it's as though only minutes have passed and we slip back into our comfortable roles as the best of friends.

Equally joyful is that our husbands enjoy spending time together, so we can chat as a group or have separate conversations with ease. We've promised to get together between here and Georgia more often. Next time, we'll likely go to their home. Until then, we have these newest memories to remind us of how blessed we are to have each other.

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laurajane said...

Lovely post Donna,treasured friends making treasured memories.xx

Sharon Chapman said...

Love your selfies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Createology said...

Senior Selfies...except that you all look too young for seniors! How very special to have such an enduring friendship. Lovely photos and very happy smiles. Donna you are looking so svelte. Blessings...

N AS said...

Just came home from a similar visit with a special gal pal in Maine. Heavenly. So glad you had a nice visit. :-) Natine


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