August 28, 2015

Workin' For The Weekend...

Waterside Table at Pop's Sunset Grill in Nokomis, Florida
I took a break from my class planning to have lunch with my girlfriend, Stacey, yesterday. We drove up to Nokomis for lunch at Pop's Sunset Grill. It's right on the water across from Casey Key, so we could see the island over the waterway.

Although we had storms all around us, it stayed sunny and breezy all through our lunch. The meal was delicious, too. I hadn't had a great conch fritter since our annual trips to Grand Cayman in the 1990s, so it seemed like a perfect choice for a perfect day. I'm happy to report that they're the best conch fritters I've had stateside!

After lunch, we headed over to Detwiler's in Venice (remember I told you about the Amish Market?), and restocked on veggies before we headed home. We only drove through a little rain, but we managed to stay dry.
If you've watched any news/weather reports in the last day or so, I'm sure you've seen that there may be a little storm headed our way. As of last night, the weather service predicts heavy rains, but the current storm could strengthen if/when Erika enters the warm waters of Gulf. 

Whether we have a heavy storm or a full-blown hurricane, we're prepared. Thanks to storm shutters, a whole-house generator, gas for the grill, and a stocked pantry, we'll just stay inside right here at home, safe and sound.

Today, I'll be teaching my Pineapple block class for the guild. The weather won't be a factor at all...just a fun day ahead. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.


  1. Have a great day teaching your pineapple block class. That is on my to-do of these days, huh. Stay safe. xo

  2. Lovely day of good friendship and good food. Happy teaching today. Praying for safety for you from storm Erika. We just got 27 sprinkles that actually landed on our upstairs deck. I hope that isn;t all we get for we need tons more. Saturday Creative Bliss...


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