August 14, 2015

Heritage Hills Work Group...

Dress A Girl - Brynwood Needleworks - Heritage Hills Work Group
I drove to Clermont, Florida yesterday to join the new work group formed to make dresses for our Brynwood Needleworks satellite group.

These ladies all live in the Heritage Hills subdivision, and they're going to meet on a monthly basis. I was invited to attend their first meeting...and to pick up their first batch of dresses.
Donna with Linda Smith - Organizer for Heritage Hills Work Group
Linda is organized and high energy. She's the perfect "non-leader" (her designation, not mine) for the group. She already has plans in place, and Heritage Hills is a cheerleader for the effort. They're off to a great start.

The little girls and young ladies continue to be blessed by women like Linda and her group. They are true angels, working to make dresses. (Our count is now at 158, if you're keeping track.)
Heritage Hills Work Group Meeting
The ladies decided on their sew-in date; the date for their fundraiser (a "sponsor a dress" event); and are setting goals for the number of dresses they hope to create short- and long-term.
Heritage Hills Work Group Members
I suggested that they may want to form their own satellite group, but they all agreed that they'd prefer to send dresses to our Brynwood group rather than branch out on their own. I'm proud and happy to have them remain with our effort.

Thanks for the invitation, Linda...and also to the ladies in our group. I'm looking forward to learning what you decided to call yourselves, and thank you for the dresses you gave me before I left. They'll be added to the rest of our dresses when I take them to our local ambassador.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again. I guess I'd better put some thought to our next deadline (which I think will be after the first of the year). I'll have to stay on my toes to keep up with  you!

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Createology said...

Dress a Girl is quite the inspiration and Bless these ladies for joining your efforts. I am ever so happy to say I got my sewing machine fixed and I made three dresses today and will mail them Monday. Creative Dress Bliss...


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