July 31, 2012

Simply The Best...

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I had plans for a different post today, but I've been enveloped with the spirit of the Olympics. I watched the performances of so many talented athletes last night, but found myself cheering for the performance of the all-time greatest Olympian.
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Michael Phelps, along with his three teammates, he swam into Olympic history as they swam into the recordbooks. In an uncharacteristic anchor position, he took the team home to victory. Along with teammates Ryan Lochte, Conor Dwyer and Ricky Berens, he captured his 19th medal (this one gold) in the 4x200 meter relay.

As if that event alone weren't enough excitement for one evening, there was also the competition for #1 in group gymnastics. (This event actually took place before the relay, but I decided that Michael's achievement should get top billing. Writer's prerogative. No apologies.)
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The collective effort of five young women, dubbed the Fab Five, defeated the Russian women in gymnastics. Jordyn Weiber set aside her personal disappointment at missing the competition for individual performances to help carry her team to Olympic gold.  Team members (left to right) are Jordyn Weiber, Gabriel (Gabby) Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross.

Alexandra only needed a score slightly above 10 for the team to defeat the Russian women, and she nailed her routine to bring in over 14. The crowd erupted in the North Greenwich Arena when the rankings were announced.

None of these gymnasts are old enough to remember Michael Phelps first medal ceremony, yet, in the words of Bob Costas, they will all remember that they competed for the same Team America the day that they joined him in the record books.

It's reaffirming to know that we still unashamedly celebrate achievement and excellence in America. Go Team USA!

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Createology said...

Lovely post and I am so glad you are watching and reporting. I have missed it all I am sad to say. As my generation used to say...Happy Hump Day.


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