July 1, 2012

Our Safe (Terra) Port In A Storm...

Bad weather bearing down on Jackson Center, OH.
It was around 3:30 pm when our Flying Cloud arrived at its birthplace - the Airstream Factory in Jackson Center, Ohio.

Our Flying Cloud (and truck)
We're here to have work done, and to have additional awnings installed for extra shade when we're out and a little "exposed". You can see the one long awning on the "curb" side of The Cloud. It really comes in handy when it's been so sunny and hot. We're adding an awning to the back of the coach, as well as a long (but narrower) awning on the "street" side for additional shade over the windows on that exposure.

There is high wind and lightning in those clouds!
We were happy to have again parked at Airstream's campground (called the TerraPort), and had only been here about forty five minutes when we noticed "weather" approaching from the west. We got the antenna up and pulled in the Weather Channel to find that there were severe storm warnings/watches for our area. Then Handsome turned on his computer and went to the NOAA website to see that those storms were quickly bearing down on us!

Why do weather reporters feel the need to give you the worst-case scenario? I mean, they were talking about the possibility of the Derecho (I never heard of this before until last week!), or even tornadoes!

I managed to get outside to snap a few photos before the wind came up bringing lightning and lots of rain. It took two of us to wrestle the antenna back into its safe down position while we weathered out the storm. We even heard the city sirens sounding while we were safely tucked inside our Flying Cloud.

For some inexplicable reason, I was relaxed and unworried. We're in Airstream's campground after all. I took a nap.

When I woke up, I gave Taggart his dinner and then made dinner for Handsome and me. The air is cooler now and the storms have passed.

A peaceful moonrise after the storm.
I took this photo from inside our Cloud as the moon is rising over the TerraPort. We knew it was going to be a quiet night and sleep came easily.

Today we'll look forward to seeing old friends at the Service Center and going off to do some exploring as they work on our coach. I'm sure The Corgi will have some interesting things to share with you tomorrow. (You know how much he looks forward to seeing you every week, right?)

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Tina Eudora said...

Wow Donna you are a brave bunch! I am so worried about you guys whenever I heard the weather reports from Florida and here you are finding the nasty stuff in Ohio!!!
I haven't been blogging very much the last few weeks as I haven't been well but I wanted to spend a few minutes today checking on all my favorite people and that darling little Tag!
Be safe wherever you find yourself parked and hugs to the little furry baby!
Tina xo

Queenie Believe said...

So glad you weathered the storm well. I'm looking forward to Tuesday with Mr. Taggart. :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Createology said...

Our World News with Scott Pelley tonight addressed the storms aka Derecho. I was not familiar with that term and here it is twice in the same day. So very thankful you were safe in your fabulous Flying Cloud. I bet Tag has some story to tell. Safe travels my dear...


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