July 15, 2012

Back To The Farmers Wife...

 I thought I'd be able to work on my Farmer's Wife blocks 
while we traveled, but I was wrong. I haven't made
one single block and I'm missing working on this project!

Time to get back to making my Farmer's Wife blocks
 and the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quiltalong!

 I've made more blocks than just these, but I haven't photographed the 
latest batch in one picture yet. I only have pictures of 
the individual blocks, so I show all of them together in a few days.

*** If you're part of the quiltalong, 
you can expect an email from me this week. ***

We're not going to add more blocks yet, because I know 
I'm not the only person who went on break for a little while.

Instead, you can expect some pointers as I make new blocks, and 
I'm going to host a giveaway for everyone on the quiltalong list.
I'll tell you all about it in the email!

So, everyone can expect to see more finished blocks 
from me this week as I finally get back on track.

On another note...
I had planned to have my iPad cases listed up 
on Etsy yesterday, but my day didn't go at all as I'd planned. 
I'll get them listed this week, and will let you know when they're available.

It's going to be a busy, busy week, girlfriends!

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Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Looks like alot of beautiful blocks!!

Createology said...

Your FW blocks are beautiful. I admit I have not worked on mine at all. Tearing down and rebuilding a large upstairs deck should not consume the prime Summer season!
Blissful blocking...

Queenie Believe said...

Beautiful blocks! This is such a lovely project.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


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