July 4, 2012

Short and Sweet...

Today's post is going to be Short and Sweet, my friends.
Yesterday was an arduous travel day.
We covered over 450 miles in sweltering heat. 
We saw that the Heartland, into the South, is suffering.

There were acres and acres of corn that will never mature.
It's already tall and brown, with no ears to fill out 
because of the lack of water and interminably hot temperatures.

The only break we had in the 98º weather came when we were
under the clouds that created high winds, dropped pelting, blinding rain
and even a little bit of hail (a traveler's nightmare!).

We pulled off the road to wait it out rather than take a chance of wrecking.
The only blessing was that the temperature dropped - almost immediately - to 77º.
When the storm had passed, the temperature slowly crept back to 87º.

As the sun started to set, we finally reached our destination for the night.
Our last campsite for this trip was in Chattahoochee, Florida (in the Panhandle).
By bedtime, the temperature was 75 blessed degrees.

Today is our last travel day. 
We'll have about seven hours to drive before we pull into our driveway.
I can tell you right now, that sleep will come easy in our king-size bed tonight.

I've read every beautiful note that you've all left for me this week.
I hope to be able to answer everyone by the weekend.
I'm also looking forward to catching up on my blog reading!
I've missed seeing what you're up to, too.
Thank you for keeping me company on our trip home.
(Next week, I'm gonna get my "crafty" on and we're really gonna have some fun!)

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Mandy said...

That heat sounds really extreme and so uncomfortable. So sad to hear of ruined crops. This will make it a difficult time for the farmers. Their livelihoods are so weather dependent.
Best wishes from a far-from-summery UK.

Claudia said...

The heat is terrible everywhere, it seems. It's been very, very hot here as well. I hope there is some relief for our farmers.

I'm sure you'll be oh so happy to be home!


laurajane said...

We are on the other end Donna,the weather here in Enfland is just awfull .Its rained non stop for over two months,and more to come.
Hope you enjoyed your trip,save journey the rest of the way home.
Love Laura and Lilly.xxx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

As you probably know, in Northern Indiana corn should be at least waste high by the 4th. We are lucky to see it knee high unless the farmer has an excellent irrigation system.

We have had 1.54" of water since the first of June. About 6 would be the norm.

We are setting all kinds of weather records here. Its the same everywhere except the northwest.

Be safe.
xx, Carol

Buttons said...

So glad you are almost home safely. And...Happy Belated Birthday Tag! The weather here up North has been a mixed bag of heat and rain. Rain, that I know many in other states would gladly welcome. I am just glad it is not snow, that comes soon enough!
Take care xoxoxo Denise

Createology said...

Our temperatures, which have been quite nice are climbing into triple digits for the next week or so. Continued safe travels and home will be welcoming. Sleep tight and dream of crafty creations...

Queenie Believe said...

Safe travels on this last leg of the trip. There's no place like home :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Stitching Noni said...

How sad to see the struggling crops & farmers. Safe journey home. Hugs x


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