July 16, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - Living The Good Life...

 Hi! It's Tag again!
Today, I want to tell you about another benefit of our Holidome.
Yup. After-swimming massages.

 Mom puts my towels on the chaise lounge and says,
"Here, Tag. Time to get out of the pool."
I admit that sometimes I don't come running right away.
I loooovvveee my swimming pool.

 But, once I get up on the chaise, Mom starts massaging me
just like at those swanky spas. Then next thing you know...
my tongue is hanging out!

 I swear these massages are just about as much fun as swimming.
I lose track of time and when Mom's finished, I'm almost all dry!

I really do appreciate that you stopped by to visit again.  
So, um, do you think you could show yourself out?
The screen door's that-a-way.
I'm going to finish my posh massage and then have a little snack.
I know. I've got it rough, right?

I'll be back to see you again next week. 'til then...
"More Waggin', and Less Barkin'!"

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Mandy said...

So sweet! You really love those massages, Tag and I can't say I blame you. You look so comfy and happy.


Realmente , uma vida muito dificil ...kkkkk

Createology said...

If I come swimming in your Holidome pool do you think I could get that same posh spa massage treatment? You look really relaxed and ready for your snack. Love seeing your photos too. Happy Tail Waggin Tag...

Queenie Believe said...

A good massage is definitely needed after a hardy swim. You are quite the lucky fellow!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

You are living the life, Tag!
xo, Tina

Minimiss said...

You must be the luckiest corgi in the whole wide world Tag. A pool all your own and massages afterwards. Can I borrow your Mom some time?

Michelle May said...

I really, really want to visit the Holidome spa and resort. Scoochy over Tag. Auntie Shell is needs a massage.


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