July 27, 2012

Let The Games Begin...

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Like many people all around the world, Handsome and I spent the evening watching the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. I thought it was the most incredible ceremony I have ever witnessed for any Olympics.

I started weeping when the children's choir sang "Jerusalem" and pride in my British birthplace continued to swell with each passing moment. (I admit I didn't much care for the "kids-jumping-on-hospital-beds segment. I guess I didn't get it.)

I was entranced through the pastoral segments and sat open-mouthed trying to take in as much as I could through the "Industrial Revolution" section. I gasped out loud when the rings began moving into position and whooped when they formed the Olympic emblem.
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Then, watching all of the different countries entering Olympic Stadium and seeing the pride on the faces of all of the athletes moved me as it does every four years. I thought it was neat that a young person walked with each delegation, carrying a copper bowl that was a gift to their country from the British people. Little did I know the stunning use to which each bowl would be employed.

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I love Queen Elizabeth II, but I found myself worrying about how exhausted she must be with all this celebrating...to say nothing of her jumping out of a helicopter to start the games! (I'm kidding. I know it wasn't really her!) Nevertheless, I did think she was a good sport with a wicked sense of humor to agree to such a stunt.

My only disappointment was that Sir Paul McCartney didn't stop his performance when he finished singing "And In The End...". My own humble opinion, but I thought singing "Hey, Jude" after all the colossal fireworks display was a let down. It was really my only complaint. (Sorry.)

At a time when politics and conflict are set aside, I found myself caught up in the excitement of the Games. And last night, I found myself more British than American. The Olympics are going to be fun to watch - and the British people are making for perfect hosts. Let the games begin!!
Just a quick reminder that Memory Lane Monday is coming in a couple of days! July 30th will be my next segment. Remember, that you're always welcome to join in the fun by posting your own favorite recollection on your blog and then linking back to mine. I'm working on my episode now, so I hope you'll come back to read all about it.

Have a great weekend!

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The English Romantic said...

Hi Donna,
My family live a few munites from the Olympic park and having watched a piece of waste ground turn into the olympic village and for London to put on such a show was AMAZING.
The kids in the beds were to celebrate our wonderful National Health Service and they were staff and patients from Great Ormond Street childrens hospital.
So glad you enjoyed it.
Smiles, Angela.x

laurajane said...

Glad you enjoyed it Donna,I did too,and stayed up till the end ,(late for me)
I absolutely agree about the beds,while it was to celebrate our health service ,it was a bit of a jumble,but that's just my opinion .I mostly enjoyed the happy smiling expectant faces of all the wonderful athletes from around the globe.
Enjoy your weekend Laura.xx

laurajane said...

Ps....I loved the Beatles,of course I did,I was around in the 60s after all,but truely it's about time lovely Paul retired from singing.........xx

Sue said...

Hope you were pleased with the corgis. Agree time for Paul McC to bow out, never was a fan. Loved Mr Bean and the Bond sketch. Thats it for me as have no interest on sport. But hope everyone that is enjoys it, and that the UK's handling of the games go well

Minimiss said...

Unfortunately I missed seeing the ceremony live and am jsut catching up on the recorded session (sports all day today). Nobody can do pageantry like the Brits.

Lesley UK said...

Hi Donna, so glad you liked the Opening. I agree Paul Mc was awful, but seems to be a national institution at the moment, and is everywhere. But on a brighter note, no corgi was harmed in the making of the film. lol luv Lesley

Carol said...

Oh I so loved it too Donna...I thought the Bond picking up the Queen was wonderful...loved the Corgi's watching them take off. What a spectacular event...On with the games...I should get lots of binding done...YIPPEE!

Sarah said...

Its a good time to be British! I really enjoyed the OC too and totally agree with the comment on Hey Jude!! Enjoy the games :)

Sherri said...

John and I watched the opening ceremonies too! We really enjoyed watching and loved the children singing the best-very emotional for me brought me to tears!!

Mehul said...

I agree that British people are the perfect hosts for any international event. THanks Donna for sharing nice pictures.

- Herman Swan
Architectural Stone

Createology said...

I have missed it all. Somehow I missed China also. Our TV is not on very much in the summer when the daylight hours call us outdoors to work on house projects. Deck, deck, deck...
Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.


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