July 25, 2012

Such A Busy Day...

Yesterday was a really great day. Handsome and I spent the morning doing outside "housework". We cleaned the gutters yesterday but stopped short of cleaning up the stuff we pulled out of them. That meant the first order of the day involved picking it all up.

While he was doing that, I was making another mess trimming the palm trees and hibiscus bushes. He came around with the yard tractor, pulling a little trailer which he quickly refilled - multiple times. Then, the last order of business was the most difficult job.

The areca palm that has flourished next to our waterfall in the Holidome got really out of control. It was absolutely stunning to see it next to the pool, but unfortunately, it was outgrowing it's in-ground planter and we feared it would start pushing the pavers and damaging the pool. We had to take it out.

We were really sad about removing it, but we worked our way right down to the base. All that's left is to split the root ball and take that out, too.  Taking it out has sure opened up the light in that corner of the pool! (We're trying to tell each other that it's a vast improvement, but we're only halfhearted in our enthusiasm.)

We finished our work by noon which left the rest of the day for me to spend in the studio. Trouble is that I have so many projects I'd like to work on right now that I didn't know where to start. You know what happens then, right? Yup. I cleaned the studio! (Don't laugh!)

By late afternoon, everything was cleaned and I chose the fabrics in this picture to make another iPad cover. (Thank you to the sweet person who purchased my "girly" iPad cover the day after I listed it on Etsy!) I'm going to make more girly-themed covers, but I came across this fabric (which I love) while I was organizing some of my stash, so I'm going to make one with this, too.

I'm going to spend my whole day in the studio, so I'll show you what I accomplish tomorrow. I hope you have a creative day, too!

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Michelle May said...

That's a lot of cleaning, but oh does it feel so good when it's all done. I can't create in chaos.

Patty C. said...

Have fun!

Queenie Believe said...

We have a big, old eucalyptus tree out front that will be coming down tomorrow. It’s sad to see it go but a limb came crashing down last month and did several $$$$$$ worth of damage to one of the cars. This was not the first time this tree decided to rain damaging nature upon us. Soooo out is shall come. And, out will go a lot of nervousness when parking in the driveway.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Createology said...

Productive days are fulfilling days. It is always good to complete our tasks whether indoors or outdoors. You and Handsome have been quite busy indeed. This sneak peek of fabric and lace is divine. Blissful Creating Dear...


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