June 18, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - Traveling Corgi...

 It's me again. Tag!
This week I'm writing to you from sunny Meadville, Pennsylvania.

We're here so Dad can make some beautiful music at Allegheny College.
I'm having a blast at the campground where I get to meet lots of new dogs and people.
You'd be surprised at just how many people say, "He's so cute!" to me every day.
It could really go to a guy's head, I'm tellin' ya!

I'm posing next to the welcome sign for our campground camper area,
and yup -
That's the Flying Cloud behind me.

Usually, our awning is out and the American flag proudly hangs outside our door. 
We also have a patriotic bunting that hangs off the bumper, too.
Mom and Dad are proud to wave the flag when we travel.

Because of Queen Elizabeth II's recent 60th Jubilee Celebration,
there have been a lot of corgi things for sale.
Of course, Mom has been doing searches on the Internet,
so today we thought we'd share just a few of the cool things she found.
by Eastwitching on Etsy
This is available as a watercolor print from Eastwitching on Etsy. Mom really likes this and thinks this corgi must be a girl because of her big brown eyes and sweet face. What do I think? RAARRRR! (I'm just sayin'!)
by Cake Doggy
Mom saw this cake when she read an article at The Daily Mail online. (Here's the story link.) She said she'd have a hard time cutting into it, and eating it would be "out of the question!". Heck. I'd eat it! (But I don't think she'd let me.)
by Clare Brownlow
This is another of Mom's favorite watercolor corgis. It was painted by British artist, Clare Brownlow. Don't you think every corgi should be able to wear a crown? I sure do!
Jubilee Marmite Label
Even a British company that makes Marmite (Mom doesn't like it) got into the act. This was their Jubilee label. Mom says the label says it all..."One either loves it or one hates it". Mom said, "Yuk!"
at TheLobsterPot on Etsy
This is my personal favorite. It's from TheLobsterPot on etsy. I think it's perfect, but it's just a little backward. If you love corgis, we'll help you keep calm...and make you laugh...and 

snuggle on your shoes when we're tired. Mom said this picture is an "awwwwww" moment. I think I was just tired from all this travel and Jubilee excitement. I'm gonna rest up now. I'll see you again next week, ok? 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"


  1. Such a cutie. Saw this and thought of you. An Irish dancing Corgi. Just so adorable.


  2. Tag I do believe you are having more travel adventures than Flat Stanley and Flat Fannie combined. Your campground is beautiful. I love the flag waving! At least you know when to rest and take a nap...on comfortable shoes no less. More tail waggin adventures my dear Corgi...Smooches!

  3. Dearest Tag...
    Why yes...hmmmm... Make that a definite YES... All Corgis should wear crowns! :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. Hi Donna and Tag, I am doing a little me time tonight and catching up with my friends. Tag you always make me smile with your antics. I have enjoyed reading your previous posts. Isn't it wonderful that age makes no difference when you are doing something that you love. I admired your previous post about the elderly couple. Amazing. Have a great day. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  5. What a sweet angel that corgi boy is!


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