June 19, 2012

Nature Always Finds A Way...

You never know what you'll see if you walk softly and keep your eyes open. Yesterday, I found a partially-built hummingbird's nest under one of the trees.
I've seen quite a few of these precious, little jewels over the past couple of weeks, so I wasn't surprised to see a nest on the ground.
It's been windy and this one was so light that the wind just carried it out of the tree. It was almost transparent because wasn't finished, so there was no worry that eggs had been lost. I would guess that a new nest is already being constructed. Nature always finds a way.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see baby hummingbirds? They must not be much bigger than a bumblebee. Maybe if I'm very lucky...


  1. We have a great time watching our hummers and I admit that I would be happy to see a nest OR a baby. We may have a nest or two, there are so many others, but I don't hunt them out. How tiny is that nest, anyway?
    Have a birdie day,
    xx, Carol

  2. What a great find! My friend has a hummingbird nest, I was surprised by how small it is. It would be really neat to see the chicks.

  3. I miss having a garden so I can see the hummers-they are so cute!! That nest is so pretty even though it isn't completed.

  4. Years ago I had an office with a tree outside my view and there was a tiny little hummingbird nest with babies and a mama. They were so precious and little. I felt very fortunate to be able to watch them progress. Sadly one day a black crow came and the chain of life took them. I was beside myself.
    Enjoy your little precious hummers...

  5. I love little hummers, but I rarely see them but once or twice a summer. I've never captured one in a photo.
    Sure wish I could!
    The little nest looks as if it could be made of thread, it's so delicate.
    xo, Tina


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