June 29, 2012

Studio Time Out...

I didn't spend any time on creative pursuits yesterday.
Instead, I played with this face.
We went for a walk and enjoyed a beautiful day.

Heading into a holiday weekend, I also wanted to get all those "domestic" things out of the way. You know. Laundry, shopping, cleaning. All done! Now, I'll be able to spend the weekend relaxing, enjoying time with Handsome and Tag and checking back in to say "hi" to all of you. I'll finish that pincushion over the weekend and share a photo or two when it's done.
 Have a great weekend from our home to yours!


  1. And what a sweet face that is! Just beautiful!

  2. Have a lovely weekend Donna Handsome and tag.
    Love Laura and Lilly.xx

  3. Enjoy the time with your boys! :D :D :D

  4. You are so smart to prep ahead for a relaxing holiday weekend. I just spent my day volunteering at the Chamber Visitor Center and it was super busy with lots of travelers in for the holiday. Plum tuckered out and still have hours of light for working on the deck. ;)
    Please relax for me...Holiday Hugs...


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