June 25, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - My First PSA...

Hi. It's me, Tag!
Today I have a serious subject to write about.
Please consider this my first Public Service Announcement.

You're wondering why I'm doing a PSA?
Well. See that metal thingy in front of me?

Take a closer look.
It's a doggy tie-out stake.
It's not usually sitting like this on the lawn.
Most of the time it's in the ground, and
Mom attaches my leash to it when she wants to do something in
the yard without me getting into some kind of trouble.
She never ties me to it if she's not outside with me.

I know you're going to find this hard to believe, 
but I got a case of happy feet last time I was tied to it.
I started running around and around in circles and 
just unscrewed that stake right out of the ground! 

As soon as I was "free", I started running around 
the yard dragging my leash and the stake. 
Mom was so worried I'd get hurt that she tried 
to step on my leash. She was wearing flip flops.

 You're seeing where this is going, aren't you?
Well, she missed my leash, the stake bounced off the 
top of her foot and came down hard!

I finally stopped running and as I was catching my breath, 
Mom removed the stake from the end of my leash.
It was then that we noticed that she was bleeding...a lot.

She's healing alright now, but her foot is sore and we both learned our lesson.
I'm not getting tied to the tie-out stake anytime soon, and
Mom won't try to intercept a moving sharp object with her mostly-bare feet again.

So, I hope that this has been a valuable lesson for all of us.

Please don't run with sharp things!  
 Take care of yourselves and be safe.
I'll be back next week. 'til then...

"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"


  1. Tag - I will make sure I take this lesson to heart with my kid, Pollie!! She is much bigger than you and I would not like to have either of us get hurt!! Thank you for this valuable PSA!!

  2. Ouch! I do hope your foot is healing quickly, Donna. What a scary incident for both of you.

  3. Tag ... you need to slow down a bit! Be sure to take good care of your Mum. Hugs to you both.

  4. I feel mom's pain. I hope you learned your lesson!!

  5. Ouchie Mama! I can just see all of that happening. Tag, be sure and give Mum's foot lots of kisses so it will heal up fast.

  6. Tag, I know you didn't want mom's foot to get hurt. I also know mom didn't want you to get hurt! I guess in your mom's case,what they say is true, 'Love Hurts'! Have a nice day! Twyla

  7. Tag, You both learned a powerful lesson and I am sure you feel bad about it happening to momma. Just give her lots of kisses and show her what a good boy you can be. Are you o.k. down there? Is it just rain and wind that you are getting. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

  8. Oh no! It has been a rough week all over blog land! I hope your foot is healing and you're up and at'em, soon!

  9. Tag only you could turn an unfortunate day of frapping into a PSA to help others. I am thankful you are not in solitary confinement and I am thankful mom is healing nicely. Did you faint at the sight of her blood? Glad all is well now. Happy tail waggin you little frapping cutie...

  10. Oh No! Hope Mom is feeling better! Looks like her feet aren't so happy.

  11. Hope Mom's healing is coming along well, Tag.

  12. Thanks Tag.. ya know I have one of these for my boys and I so bet the same thing could happen to us.. as Pommies like to run in circles.... good to know info.. and I hope mom heals fast so you both can get back to playin....

  13. Good grief! I can just see him running in circles- he's too smart for his own good.
    Hope you are healing up, Donna!
    Be a good boy, Tag!

  14. Hi Lil Houdini!! Hope Mom is feeling better now. I was just telling MY mom all about you earlier today. Can't wait to have her over to show her your cute pic (Bum pic, too!). Happy 4th of July!

    Big TX Hugs,


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