June 1, 2012

June Mini-Quilt QAL...

My design for June
Each month this year, a group of us from Sandy's Quilt Shop clientele have made mini quilts designed by other members of the group. I drew June as the month to create my design. (After we were all finished drawing, there was one month left over, so I volunteered to design the mini quilt for July, too. You'll see that one next month!)
Closeup of my design
You know how much I love barns, so it only seemed natural to incorporate a barn into my June design. I added a mini barn quilt on the gable end, and suggested that everyone making the design choose their own favorite block to put on their barn.You know how much I like pinwheel blocks! (Remember the quilts in the Flying Cloud or the Marie J? You can click on their names to see them.)

Fay's version
Fay has already finished her barn (which I really love!). She added bee buttons to hers, which I think is a great touch. She chose a four-patch block for her barn.
Nancy's version
Nancy finished hers, too. She placed yo yos on hers and she added beads that look like rocks on her landscape. (Too many farmers spend their pre-planting days picking rocks out of the soil. What a great idea to add them to her quilt.) She also reversed her barn and moved the silo away from the end of the barn.

I really enjoyed designing this little quilt, and it was fun to sew, too. I'll make June and July's design available for free to anyone might want to make their own. I'll put it up on my "Free Patterns" page after I show you the second design in July!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your mini barn quilt is adorable! Love the addition of the 'barn quilt' on the barn!

  2. Sorry I meant Donna,have my daft head on today.(it's very hot and we are not used to it ) lol.xx

  3. I adore your mini quilt with the barn we so love. How fun to have the other ladies making theirs and sharing. The bee buttons and the rocks are each the personal touch that make it special. Happy Stitching...

  4. well how cute is that... this will match my houses ones I am doing... love all the versions...

  5. How adorable!! You always amaze me! Quick reminder ~ my annual WEDDING BLOG PARTY is coming up Friday, June 8th. Would so love for you and Tag to join us!!!


  6. I love your quilt, beautiful pattern. It's interesting seeing how the others changed it too.


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