June 21, 2012

Day Lilies...

There you are again
Painting the roadsides with an explosion of color.

 Pretty orange heads nodding to passers-by.
Catching every little breeze and marking Summer's sunny days.

 Multiplying your numbers as you march all too quickly toward Fall.
                                                                                                 - DCL 6/21/12


  1. How lovely these are. I actually have about 6 blossoms that the deer have not eaten yet. Normally they eat every bud before it has a chance to bloom for only one day...hence Day Lily. Mine are bright yellow and I adore them.
    Summer Enjoyment to you dear...

  2. They are some of my favorites. I got mine started from starts taken from the road side about 30 years ago. Now when I thin them I move them everywhere.

  3. I grew up in rural NW NJ and do they have daylilies along side the road! When I read your post today I thought of all those lilies and smiled. Thank you my friend!

  4. I LOVE day lilies - and love your poem - it's a perfect fit :) karen


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