June 10, 2012

A Primitive Scissor Case...

I admit it. For the past few weeks, I've been enjoying summer and doing little in the way of sewing or handwork. I'm going to do something about that today. Nothing big, mind you. The outdoors is still calling to me.

This is one of the kits I recently purchased on my shopping outing with Kathy D. when we visited Primitive Gatherings. It's a small, quilted case for my embroidery scissors. The one I'm going to make the one that has the flower applique' on it.

I'm really looking forward to working on this today, and if I stay at it, I'll be able to take a snapshot or two to share with you this week. (Remember, tomorrow is Tag's day, so I'll have to wait until after he visits with you!)

I'll be machine quilting the fabric first and then I'll applique' the flower in the deep red wool. I've added the red plaid fabric to this photograph in case I decide to use it, too. Otherwise, I may have to incorporate it into a second case!

Tag is looking forward to tomorrow's post. He's been working on it all week! See you Wednesday.


  1. I so love this.. and cannot wait to see yours... I have a trip soon to the laundermat to felt my wool... very cute kit..

  2. That is really cool Donna. I made some scissor holders but they hold 3 pair of scissors in 3 different sizes. Never tried something that small. I have about 4 bins of stuff that needs to be finished..wish me luck :)

  3. Adorable scissor holder. I just know yours will get done and be fabulous. Then maybe you will make another and another...I see great gifts in your gift cupboard. Stitchilicious...

  4. Nice fabric choices Donna. That red is so rich looking and I love plaids. It will look great.

  5. Glad to see you diving into your PG loot! I got my tote bag done yesterday - I love it and will take a pic and blog later this week.

  6. I can't even comment (even though I am) as I have not yet gotten over my jealousy that you went to this store. So there...hee,hee,hee.


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