June 28, 2012

One Wooly Strawberry Pincushion...

Yesterday afternoon I dipped into my hand-dyed wool stash and decided to make a Wooly Strawberry Pincushion.

I decided to use cotton floss (3 strands) for no particular reason. Then I cut out all the components for the centerpiece of my pincushion...the strawberry, top, leaves and blossom.

Once all of the parts were cut, I settled in to do the decorative stitching. I really like doing this part!

This is the creative portion of the project. I can move components around, change the shape of the design or even change the colors. It's total artistic freedom!

The last step was to add the "seeds" for God's perfect fruit - "with neither seed nor stone".  They add a textural quality to the strawberry and actually created a little dimension.

By the end of one leisurely afternoon, I had completed all the stitching for the top. Today, I'll assemble the lining, front and back and then fill it. It won't be long and I'll have a new pincushion...One Wooly Strawberry Pincushion!


  1. That is beautiful Donna.Love the seeds. Can't wait to see it finished :)

  2. So pretty Donna. I love how you can just dip into your stash and come out with such pretty things.
    Love ya

  3. Hi Donna (and Tag) I was so enchanted by the glimpses you gave us of the book, that I tried to order it. Apparently it's not available in the UK yet. Eventually I found Lisa Bongean's blog, and ordered it from there, so hopefully it will soon be winging its way to me. Thanks very much for the 'introduction'Your pincushion is looking really good. luv and Blessings

  4. Love it! What a lovely stash you must have to dive into!

  5. So pretty Donna! Love the seeds!

  6. It's so pretty! Funny how we are loving wool when it is hotter than all get out! hee,hee,hee.

  7. Lovely handwork. Looks like a Summer Gathering inspired pincushion. Your stitches are stitchilicious just like strawberries are delicious. Wooly Wonderful Dear...

  8. you are making me want to leave the project I am working on to get into some wools...lol.. this one is darling..

  9. That pincushion is beautiful! Are you taking orders?

  10. Oh this is adorable :) Love strawberries, and this is cute! Looking forward to seeing the entire pincushion!

  11. love this Donna, you do beautiful work.


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