April 1, 2011

You Asked...

Let's start with the newest pillowcases I've made, shall we? I'm really having fun making them. They're fast, simple and add so much to a finished quilt.

This is one of four matching pillowcases I made for our master bedroom. This one is sitting on top of the king-size quilt I made for our bed. Now the bed looks "finished" when I make it up in the morning.

If you've been inspired to make pillowcases, please feel free to add them to the Flickr group I've started. The link is in my left sidebar now. Just click the picture and it will take you to the group.

And, now - just because you asked...
Here's a photo of me in the new top I made last week. I'm not wearing the skirt because I haven't had a chance to get to the store to purchase the right elastic for the waistband. (I know. Hard to believe I don't have it in my stash, isn't it?)

The top is extremely comfortable, but I'm thinking it's a bit "roomier" than I planned. I haven't decided yet if I'll keep it that way or take it in a bit. I have probably 2" on each side that I could take it in if I decide to.

I haven't made anything for myself in a long while, so perhaps I'm being a bit critical. I was really hoping that it would be more slimming, and am disappointed in that respect. I know that my body isn't what it was when I was in my 30's, but I don't want to make things that accentuate the negatives.

I have a tendency toward self-deprecation, so I'll stop before I write something I don't really mean. Suffice it to say that I'm not sure I'll make this pattern again. I think I'll move on to something more tailored...and I'm even more excited about using one of my Lutterloh patterns now. I'm going to tackle that project next week, and promise to share photos, too. Good or bad. Remember, you asked...


  1. Your new top does look very comfortable and that is a good color for you. I can only wear shirts that have ribbing touching my neck (which means my wardrobe is a lot of t shirts and sweat shirts) It is because of the fibro...it does make a lot of changes in your life. Almost hard to remember what it was like before I had it (1993)
    Have a great week end...love the quilt and pillowcases too:)

  2. I think the top looks great! Yes roomy but better roomy than tight. I know what you mean about making clothing, that you think will look good....and you end up disappointed. I would spend the time, money and energy making something I never wore. Pants were the one thing I enjoyed making and looked good. I thought the problem was the sizing of traditional patterns, but this top was made to your sizing. I have also had luck taking apart an article of clothing, that was well worn and duplicating that. Enjoy that roomy top just think of all the freedom to eat an extra piece of pie!

  3. I think the top looks perfect, especially with summer coming on! And you look great in it!
    I personally love "roomy" garments because I always have chores to do and being bound up when I have to lift and carry something irks me.
    I had never thought of making my own pillow cases but I think I will put it on my list of things to do this summer! Right now I am making a bunch of mug mats as gifts for Easter and having a ball doing them!
    Have a super weekend and love to Kes and Fez!
    Tina xo

  4. Donna - What a wonderful idea to make pillowcases to go along with a quilt!! I make these pillowcases for my great-nieces and -nephews in holiday prints and they are fun to make!! But to make matching cases is fantastic!! Thanks for the idea!!

    And I love your new top!! It looks great on you!! Kris

  5. Your pillowcases are lovely - we are re-arranging furniture and rooms and now I have two bed quilts to make so your pillowcase tutorial will come in very handy this summer.
    I like your top too, it looks comfy and looks very nice on you at the same time. Having said that, if you are not sure, and are thinking of taking it in I think you should try it. From my own experience, if I'm not sure about a garment, it doesn't matter what nice things people say about it, I am never quite comfortable in it - I'd give it a try!

  6. Hi Donna
    If you want more tailored, then that's the way to go. Since I had my teeth pulled and am in the process of fitting/having dentures made, I have lost 30+ pounds. I haven't bought new clothes, but did dig out jeans from 10 years ago that fit well. My grandkids tell me all the time I need new tops because the ones I am wearing are so loose that I look heavier than I really am.

    I'll be taking their advice as time permits.

    Go for what makes you feel good and comfortable. The color IS great for you.

    BTW, Jack's tail is still wagging!
    xx, Carol

  7. I like the new top! The dusty green is such a nice color.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Donna, I love your new outfit you made! I think it looks very nice on you, you are too hard on yourself :).
    I love the new pillowcase too.

  9. Donna,

    Your new top is lovely. The color compliments you. Oh to have that 30 yr old body again...what am I saying? It was the same one I had at 50 and I'll just stop there. Add some jewelry and bring the eye up to your pretty face.

  10. Oh Donna I love seeing you wearing your new top. You are truly beautiful and have such a happy smile. You are right about needing to take that top in. Show off your curves and be proud. Mr. C hates it when I wear "shapeless" clothes. Your pillowcases are the icing on the top of the gorgeous "cake" quilt you made. Happy weekend...

  11. I think it looks great on you! Nice and comfortably cool when it get's so hot there. :)
    xx, shell

  12. Donna,

    I love the green on you. The top looks very nice on you, but if you aren't sure, just take it in with a basting stitch and wear it around the house for a bit. I think you will make up your mind quite quickly. It is definitely getting warmer here in Florida.

    The pillowcases are fantastic. I read your tutorial, but I will have to try a smaller version to actually figure it out. Looks as if my granddaughter will be receiving a few doll bed pillowcases. Thanks so much for being so generous and sharing so much with us (your fans).


  13. Your beautiful Donna....so glad you shared this picture with us
    Love ya

  14. The pillowcases are just lovely. I really like that color combination a lot. Your top is really lovely! The color is sweet. Sometimes roomy tops are great - especially when its really warm out (lets you "breathe"). I must admit I tend to live in hoodies...LOL I'll look forward to seeing your skirt. :) Theresa


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