April 19, 2011

I'm On A (Sausage) Roll...

I decided to share my ridiculously simple recipe for sausage rolls with you today. Now, pay close attention because you don't want to miss a single step!

You won't even need a pencil for this, so no need to worry about writing anything down or printing out a long recipe. These are the ingredients: Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (8 per package) - or a package of Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry (cut into strips), and frozen Brown & Serve Breakfast Sausages. In addition, you'll need cookie sheets and a serving dish. I also use parchment paper on the cookie sheets. (Who wants to have to do dishes, too? Not I!)
Because I was making sausage rolls for a large group of people, I decided to cut each frozen breakfast sausage in half. (**Do not thaw the breakfast sausages prior to prepping them for the rolls.) Unroll one package of eight crescent rolls. I cut the rolls, ignoring the perforations, so that I used the rolls proportionate to the size of the cut sausages.
Line the assembled, uncooked rolls on a cookie sheet...

...and then pop them into a preheated 400º F. oven for about ten minutes or until golden.
See? I told you. Ridiculously simple.

I came home with an empty serving dish from the guild meeting. Always nice when your hard work and hours spent in the kitchen are rewarded with an empty dish by an appreciative (and hungry) audience. (now I'm really giggling!)

You can serve these with mustard or another sauce of your choice if you want to be really fancy. I usually serve them plain. That suits us just fine.

These were the potholders that I assembled yesterday. At last month's guild meeting, they had a UFO (unfinished objects) sale. I purchased a whole bagful of (52) assembled quilt squares (for only $15.00!). I'm going to turn most of them into a quilt, but had these two left over.

I have to give guild member, Ann, credit for the beautiful block assemblies. All I did was layer the blocks with Insulbrite batting (especially for use in hot - oven - applications) along with a layer of regular batting and a piece of backing fabric. Then, I ran stitching around the inside of each element of the block to quilt all the layers together. The final step was to finish by sewing on the binding and a hanging loop.

I handed them in last night, so there will be one more pair of potholders for sale in the guild boutique at this year's quilt show. I found my pattern for the table mat yesterday (the one I put up for "safekeeping", and then couldn't find!), so I'll be making table mats and aprons to take with me next month to hand in.

I'll share updated Marie J quilt photos tomorrow. See you then!

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Carol said...

Love the potholders!

My grandkids love it when I make hot dogs this way. Such a simple thing to make teen boys so happy ~lol~
I think I'll try your recipe with sausage too.

Have a great day.

Suzann said...

I had those once, a long long time ago. I should try to see if my kids would like those.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hint. My Grandkids will love these with hotdogs...I'll be Grandmother of the day!

The French Bear said...

Yummy! These would be perfect for a picnic, thanks!
I was just thinking of making some pot holders and I was wondering what you use for the insulation, I will have to find some of that special batting. I love the pot holders, what a great design.....that was a real scoop to pick up that fabric for only 15 dollars, wow!
Made me laugh to read about the lost pattern....I am famous for losing papers and then finding them hidden in my sewing room....that's my safe place!!!
Can't wait to see the table mat and the aprons!!!

Rettabug said...

These little appetizers look & sound delicious! So simple, too...Yahoo!
Thanks for sharing the "recipe" LOL

Your pot holders are too pretty to use! I'd hang them out of reach. ;-)
Nice of you to donate them for the guild's sale along with the other stuff.

Boy, can I relate to the lost pattern search!!! I have spent days...literally DAYS looking for such items that I've safely tucked away. I blame "mental-pause" What' your excuse???? *grin*


Michelle May (Shell) said...

What a great score on all those blocks! Love what you turned them into!
xx, shell


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