April 28, 2011

For The Love Of A Corgi...

(BW file photo)
Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes and prayers for Fezzik's surgery. I was so nervous about the little guy going to the vet yesterday, but your notes helped bolster me as I awaited results of his procedure.

I want to tell all of you that he is doing just fine and I'll be heading back to Sarasota this morning to pick him up and bring him home. I'm sure he's going to be a little uncomfortable (the vets had to make two incisions to complete the surgery), but he'll get a lot of TLC while he recuperates.

After dropping off Fez for his surgery, I ran a few necessary errands, and then had a delightful time lunching and visiting with my friend Carol from Serendipity. We agreed to both wake up early (in our own homes), make a cuppa tea, put on a pretty hat and watch the royal wedding of William and Catherine. (A guilty pleasure...please don't tell anyone! We can keep it a secret just between us.) I'm sure we'll compare notes soon! Thanks, Carol, for such a nice day. I'm really going to miss you when you head north again for the summer.

My friend, Sue from Granny's World sent me a link for a free pattern to knit this sweet little corgi. Thank you for thinking of me, Sue! I have been quilting a whole lot more than knitting these days, but I'm going to have to get out the needles to make at least one of these little darlings!

If you're interested in downloading your own free pattern of the royal corgi, just click on the photo of the little guy so you can knit one up before Wills and Kate celebrate their first anniversary!

In keeping with the last paragraph of Lynn's post on Lily Quilts (click here to read), my Royal Wedding name is...wait for it, now...Lady Irene Wonser-Bannor. What's yours?

(BW file photo)
Back to quilting after I've brought Fez home again today. I won't be a lonely nursemaid. I'm sure Kessie and Handsome will help me take care of him, too! He'll be right as rain before we know it.


  1. Hi Donna,
    Glad you liked the link. I hope your little man is feeling ok this morning. Enjoy the wedding from Lady Ethel Ginger Healey!! Sue

  2. I suspect that little guy will give you plenty of time to sew. He should be sleeping it off all day!!

    Hope you enjoyed the vows.

  3. ahhhh and how is Fez this morning...?and good morning Lady Irene Wonser-Bannor...I am Madame Jolie-Coeur St-Denis.....may I pour tea?
    Great photo of them together and the knitted dog..oh goodness me lol

  4. Pat the poochies for me, will ya'? I'm sure they will BOTH be needing some extra lovin' from you today.

    Having been to the vet's place in Sarasota, I can picture in my mind just exactly where you are this morning. That makes it so fun!

    I LOVED the wedding & taped the entire thing to watch again tonight when my DGD comes for a sleep-over. She's the REAL Princess, ya' know, but don't tell anyone.

  5. Well, Fez, I hope you are doing good this morning!! Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do!! You will be happier in the long run if your surgery is the type of surgery I am thinking!! :-)) Make sure Mom, Dad and Kessie take super good care of you while you are recouping!! Kris

  6. I'm so glad to everything went alright and you can bring him back home today.
    Sounds like he'll have no shortage of nursemaids to cater to him.
    Years ago I had a little dog that needed surgery - after she came home she would lie on her blanket and every so often lift her head, look at her stomach, look at me and then lay her head down again! As if to say "Whaaatt did you do to me????" It was hilarious but then, she was a drama queen!

  7. Give him lots of love and smooches from his Auntie Twyla:)


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