April 12, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now...

Two days of singing...performing a Soundsations show on Monday morning, followed by a Chorale rehearsal Monday evening, and then a Soundsations rehearsal yesterday afternoon. No time to sew until today.

I can hear them calling now. Miss Ellie, Prissy and Evvie beckoning me back to the studio. They're anxious to feel my hand guiding fabric beneath their feet, longing for a new spool of thread and a project to create.

The wait is over girls. I have two days where you'll have my undivided attention. A camper table quilt to assemble for surface quilting, two commissions to create by the end of this month, and a few other projects waiting their turn.

I also have a table mat and potholders to sew together for our quilt guild's fund raiser boutique that I want to take to next week's meeting.

I'll be back in the studio today. It's gonna be a bright, sunshine-y day!

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Carol said...

You certainly have a bright and shiny ROOM!!

Jeannie B. said...

I love the table you have under your window. The drawers with the glass fronts must be very useful. Any chance you will tell where such a table can be found. Your room looks very inviting!

Carol at Serendipity said...


I am almost there too. All the machines are calling me. Hope to be sewing by noon!

Have a great day my friend.


Michelle May (Shell) said...

You just can't help yourself can you? hee,hee,hee. You know I'm singing it. I'll be singing it all day long.....LOL!
Love your studio and I too love that table under the window.
Have fun today.
xx, shell

The French Bear said...

It sure does look clean and sooo inviting!! I am sure the gals will be happy to have you back in the sewing room creating and making them sing!!! Some day I shall hear your beautiful voice too! Love the sun shining in your room, very pretty!

Jillayne said...

Your room looks so lovely - I wonder at how you can stand to be away from it for so long - my fingers get to itching after a day or two and then I get very restless. I won't be in my room for a while - lots of events has me working five days this week - I guess you could say "I can see all the obstacles in my way".
Have fun and I'll be watching to see your creations!

Createology said...

Oh Happy Days...Your studio is so very beautiful and inviting. You will have such a wonderful day with Evvie, Miss Ellie, and Kes and Fez. Nothing like a day of pleasure and fun. Happy sewing...

Carol R said...

Can I come round to play in your beautiful studio please?

Sherri said...

Donna, I just love your sewing studio! Have fun sewing!!

Rettabug said...

You have such a great studio in which to create, Donna! I love all the natural light & your stash is TDF!!!

Have fun...I hope to sew today, too.


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