April 7, 2011

Fezzik Friday - 42 Weeks...

Hi, everybody!
Time for another Fezzik Friday.

I thought you might like to see one of my favorite recent photographs...me contemplating my next impressive pool moves, and showing you my cute corgi pants.

I've been thinking a lot about what I might like to be when I grow up. Thanks to all the caveats tendered by my blog fans, I've decided that running after goats in their "littered" goat fields really isn't my style. Of course, I don't want to just mooch off Mom and Dad, so I want to keep my options open for a job that might be perfect for me.

Why, just this week I was reading Mom's computer for inspiration, and look what I found...

I asked Mom what a pre-rinse cycle was, and she very patiently explained it to me. (She's really good that way.)

I asked her if I could be her pre-rinse cycle and she laughed and then quickly said "no".

I had to wonder if she thought I might be too sloppy, or I wouldn't take pride in my work. I know I have to show up every day and put in my full shift. I guarantee that I wouldn't slack off on the job.
"Wait. Wait! Is there something good here on the door?
(I'll be right with you. Talk amongst yourselves.)

"Hey, Good Lookin'! Come here often?"

"Mom. Do we always have to put this many dishes in the box?
I don't know if I should try to load your pretty blue and white dishes."

"Ok. So here's my proposal.
Mom, you put all the dishes on the floor and I'll
pre-rinse them for you. Sounds fair, doesn't it?
What, Mom? You don't think so? Well, how can
I pre-rinse the dishes if you don't put 'em on the floor?"

"That settles it. I quit!
What do you mean, "I can't quit if I
hadn't been formally hired yet?"
I think that's just a technicality, isn't it?"

Back to the drawing board. Anybody have any ideas for a meaningful pursuit for me? I've been thinking about this for quite a while. I know there are a lot of jobs out there that would be perfect for me. I'd sure appreciate it if anybody had a real lead. Let's talk again very soon. 'til then...

"More wagging, and less barking"
Fezzik Inconceivable


  1. Dear Fezzik,

    Why work when you can mooch? It works for me. What can be better than sleeping all day and giving mom the eye for treats? Boy, do I have my mom trained! Yeah, this is the life for me!

    Nipper (meow)

  2. Fezzik, you are waaaaay to cute to ever have to work. Just "work" the crowds with your fantastic appeal and great personality!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. Fez, too bad you don't live closer to me because you and Teddy, my Golden Retriever would get along famously! He has a fascination with out dishwashers also. It has a stainless steel front so he is always stopping and admiring himself in the reflection-cracks me up!! You have a great weekend and don't work to hard!

  4. fezzik old buddy I have the same deal Mum will not let me near the dishwasher, dosen't matter how much I beg. So I worked out that I can help with the digging. But wait don't just dig anywhere make sure you dig where the flowers are and also wait until your mums not looking.. or she get upset that she can't help you... OH yes watch out about bringing in mud on your feet... (I help out by laying on the mud to help clear it up...)try it you wriggle from side to side on your back. Yeh dog you got it! hugs Acorn....

  5. Looks to me like you might have the Lifeguard gig down pretty well!

  6. Dear Fez,

    Our suggestion is that you lounge around the pool and look handsome.
    You'll be discovered before you know it and be on the cover of all the doggie magazines!

    Did you know that our mom is going to visit some rabbits today and we can't go?

    Hanna, Heidi, and diva, Arabelle

  7. Dear Fez, I think lifeguarding the pool would be better for you. We don't allow little people to get close to the dishwasher until they get much older. You would look good on a magazine cover. Have a very good day and send me some of your sunshine. Take Care. Your Missouri Friend.

  8. He,he, I have a poodle who is my pre-rinser. He enjoys his job very much! Fezz, you already have a job by always writing an entertaining article every Friday, right here on your mom's blog. You bring joy to many people and that's quite a talent! Have a nice day! Twyla

  9. Fez,

    You don't have to work. Just keep looking adorable and pursue your writing. Tell your mother that she is mentioned on my blog today!


  10. Toooooo funny! I ♥ how your mind works, Lady!

    Yours too, Fez! *wink*

  11. Hey Pal!
    Good idea on the pre-rinsing gig! Very sneaky! But foe-ged-aboud it!! You'll be slurpin up all those left overs and before you know it your little Corgi belly will be draggin the ground. But Hey!! That Shirley had a great idea. You can't beat bein' a life guard. All those neighborhood girlies will be comin' by to check out the tan. You better look into THAT gig. Heck, I'll come do it for free. I got ABs!!
    Your bud,
    Jackie Chan

  12. Hi Fezz, you are such a handsome little guy. No need to work, just hang around the house doing what you do best- that is looking handsome!!!
    Paws for thought?-LOL. hugs and pats from sandy.

  13. Oh you poor dear Fezzik. You should not trouble your mind with trivial work thoughts. You are an adorable Corgi living in a wonderful home and you are supposed to be "Living the Life of Riley" which I might think translates in human terms to, "Living the Dream". Not to stress. Take a nod from Kes and just don't stress. Happy weekend...

  14. tsk tsk tsk, Fezzik. We both know modeling is your calling. Gorgeous and handsome (sorry Fezdad) pups like us have to hold the bar high. Ok....I'll hold it high and you strut beneath it.

    Bryn (with Mom at the keyboard)

  15. Oh my goodness!!!! Little Fezz!!! You make me laugh - but in a good way. For my furry babies enjoy being the pre-rinse cycle, as well. They most enjoy the treasures they find as my hubby or me load the washer. LOL Thank you for making me smile. Be a good boy now...please don't get any ideas of being a stovetop cleaner. Theresa

  16. Why work..you got it good.. but you could become a people walker... and take people for walks...

    might be prosperous right...hehehe!

    Love Fez Fridays.

  17. Oh Fezzie....LOL!!! This is just too funny! I say to heck with working. Just mooch off the parents and party in the holidome!
    Love ya mr corgi pants!
    auntie shell

  18. Awwww Fezzik Teddy wanted the same job here. You guys should just go with your looks and live the life!!Teddy sends High Paws to you.


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