April 5, 2011

Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss 'Em Goodbye...

Last week when we arrived at Books A Million, we were greeted by floor-to-ceiling tarps closing off our coffee shop/gathering area. When we asked what was going on, we were told that Books A Million "corporate" has decided that, in an effort to attract a younger clientele, they are going to remove their coffee equipment and replace it all with a yogurt/smoothie bar.

A younger clientele, you say? No warning. No consideration for the years we've met there on Tuesday nights. No gratitude for the money we've spent on books, magazines, coffee and snacks? No "Thank you, ladies and goodnight?". Really?

Not the sorts to sit around and sulk, we immediately sprang into action. (Well, actually Tammy led the charge). We quickly got the word out - via telephone chain - and everyone met that night across the street at Paneras instead.

Well, who knew? Better coffee. Real, honest-to-goodness fresh sandwiches, soups, salads, breads and pastries! (No microwave service here.) What the heck took us so long? Last night was our second Tuesday night here. Can't you just see the suffering on our faces? (laughing) I don't think so! (You can click on the photo to enlarge it.)

We've all cheerfully decided to make this our new home. Bye, bye, Books a Million. Hellooooo, Paneras!

PS. Thanks, Tammy for letting me use your photo!


  1. Change is sometimes a blessing in disguise. ;-)

  2. "GOOD For you Gals"!!! I know exactly what you mean. I do not like the fact "They don't care what we think anymore plateau of life" is what we've reached, UGH!!! Actually I noticed that when I reached 30, hehe!
    I DO Like Panera Bread, That is a WONDERFUL Place to meet!!! Wish I was sitting at that table with you girls!
    Hugs to you,

  3. Good on ya! It's good to hear that you found somewhere nicer to meet every week - you certainly look like you're all enjoying yourselves!


  4. "a change is as good as a rest" so they say. Its very short sighted of Books a Million, but as they also say "their loss is your gain". Enjoy

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your time :)

  6. Hello there, the knitting group I go to had a similar experience. Sadly, ours was brought about by the closure of Borders, the bookshop we had been using as a meeting place. Wonderful to be able to meet, go and get any magazines I couldn't get more locally, sit, chat and drink coffee.
    We now meet in a very friendly pub. An unlikely venue for knitters, perhaps, but they save a table for us and the staff are great fun. The coffee and food is much more reasonably priced too!

  7. Donna,
    You just have to wonder who "corporate" is and where they get their info. Our age group are the ones who are the customer base for these stores with time and some funds.


  8. I love me some Panera!!! Wish NC was closer to NC and I would pop on in....Enjoy your new nesting spot....

  9. Well, we all gotta do what we gotta do!!

    Another thought, in retaliation why don't you all check out Better World Books . com. Nope, can't meet there because they are located in Mishawaka Indiana, who knew. Its my go to place for books. Check them out and it will become yours too.

    Thank you and good night ~ lol.

  10. I think Books A Million's attitude is why so many companies are going under these days. Customer service and appreciation are hard to find now.
    Oh well my biggest complaint here is that I can't see all the projects you girls are working on!!! That photo is a bit of a teaser..:) Have a fabulous day Donna!
    Tina xo

  11. You do that to torture me all day don't you? Put those little songs in my head! hee,hee,hee. :) ;)
    Panera's Mediterraian sandwhich is soooooooooo yummy. I drive 45 minutes just to get one!
    xx, shell
    na na na naaaaaaaaaa goodbye...

  12. lol Yep you gals showed them! Good for you and they actually did you a favor in the long run.
    Sad the way customers are treated these days especially in your case where you guys have been meeting there forever.
    Honey I appreciate you coming by last night and giving me such great advice. I am trying my best to rest when I can but I really don't have much time now for that but I grab it when I can.
    I am exhausted from the last two days and dreading going in today but it will get better.
    I hate I want be on the computer as much because of resting my back but everyone is so kind and understanding about that too.
    Just sat my hot chocolate on your beautiful coffee mat and thought of you.
    Love ya honey

  13. Yeesh! You could also have called this "they don't know what they've got 'til it's gone..."
    Sounds like you have landed in a better place, that's for sure - and yes, you do all look very happy!

  14. UhOh...now I have that song playing in my head. What a shame "corporate" does not understand common sense courtesy! As happy as your group appears...nothing will get them down. Enjoy your new and improved meeting place. One place's loss is another place's gain. Meet on my dear...

  15. In the day of easily downloaded ebooks, Books a Million should be happy for anyone that comes into their brick and mortar store. Sounds like for your group, their mistake is your good fortune.

  16. I guess in the case change was a blessing in disguise! Glad you found a new place so quickly! Book-A-Millions loss.

  17. Youth is over rate anyways, isn't it?

  18. Good for you...I would have done the same thing and I would also figure out a way to let them know how much business they lost.
    Panera bread has awesome food and especially like their soup in a bread bowl :)

  19. Happy your group found a new home! May your laughter and love for handwork inspire and encourage other customers of Panera. You may need a larger table!

  20. What a rude awakening! But you ended up making a great choice. I love Panera's. They have the best lemonade. Glad you banded together and made a great new decision. :) Theresa

  21. I find that change is usually for the better... have fun no matter where you meet.... :D


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