April 3, 2011

An Elegant, Vintage Solution...

After much deliberation, I finally decided that this would be the best place for my sewing machine to travel when we're moving our "cottage" down the road...in the space between the foot of my bed and the wall of our bedroom at the front of the Flying Cloud.

When I purchased Sofie, she arrived in a beautiful, wheeled case...that was just too wide to fit into this space. I couldn't make it work any way I tried. I had was forced to find another way to keep my Sofie - and her accessories - safe during transport.
I went into our tiny attic space to see if one of the suitcases (we won't need to use to travel now) might work.

Look what I found! Handsome scored this at an estate sale we attended when we still lived in Wisconsin. It's one of those gorgeous, vintage suitcases that you use for car travel, but would never trust in the hands of any airline on earth. It's mahogany leather, tooled with the most beautiful designs - and after taking a few measurements -
I found that Sofie and all her accessories fit perfectly inside! The little 14 pound sweetheart, her embroidery attachment, hoop, plastic box with interchangeable presser feet, and instruction manuals all snuggled safely within the padded interior.
I'll need to make a proper padded cover for the embroidery attachment and hoop, but otherwise, it's already road-worthy.
After I asked if it was alright for me to use it, I loaded up "our" vintage suitcase and found that it fit into its new travel spot with room to spare. Guess that means I'll have room for the vintage train case I'm going to use to hold some of my other craft projects for our trip!

I can't think of a better solution to my modern dilemma than a vintage suitcase. I'm so happy that Handsome was willing to share! Yup. It's confirmed once again. I'm one Lucky Girl!

I'm inspired to find more vintage accessories for our cottage now. (Thanks, Rett! Your links to Sisters On The Fly started me down this path. I don't think I'll carry it as far as the Sisters did, but more vintage is definitely a good thing.)


  1. It's perfect Donna! Sophie and all her "treasures" will be safe and sound and travelling in style.
    I like using vintage things as well and in my sewing room I have several pieces: an old Salmon Arm wooden apple crate for scraps, a little divided wooden tray holds scissors on one side and rotary cutters on the other,and lots of other well worn pieces - they add a sense of being to my room that I love.
    It sounds as though you might be just about ready to hit the road soon...

  2. Good Morning, Donna,
    Yes, that is the perfect spot to store your Sophie. She is lucky to go along on your travels...but will she have time to come out of her suitcase? There will be so much to see and do!! I'm hoping we all get to go along!

    Have a wonderful week ~Natalie

  3. What a gorgeous storage solution, Donna!!! I love that suitcase - it's really too pretty to hide - I think I'd have to find someplace to display it, if I could. Great way to repurpose!!!

  4. I think its called recycling Donna. A beautiful case, shame to have it hidden away in the attic

  5. Perfect! That vintage suitcase is just gorgeous.


  6. What a treasure and a custom-fit storage to boot.
    You're one lucky gal. With a generous guy.

  7. That's such a perfect storage solution! I just love that suitcase, but I definitely wouldn't want to hide it away - I think it would be great displayed somewhere. You don't see suitcases like that!

  8. What a wonderful way to utilize such a beautiful vintage piece. It was a match made in heaven when you paired your new travel machine with this gorgeous travel case. What direction will your first trip be in the Cloud Cottage? What will be your first sewing project while on the road traveling? Oh the joys of adventure...

  9. Donna, what a perfect case to store Sophie!!

  10. You're very welcome, Darlin'...I am so envious of those gals with their little mini-homes-away-from-home.

    Your elegant vintage suitcase is TOTALLY perfect for that spot!!
    Now, what are you going to do with the darling one that I helped you bring Sophie home in?????

  11. Perfect fit, what a neat find and turns out to be very useful too.

  12. Perfect fit, what a neat find and turns out to be very useful too.

  13. That suitcase is just spectacularly gorgeous -- and what a neat way to use it!

  14. I thought I left a comment on this...hmm....ok so anyway, I looooooooove this case! OMG! That is so incredible! Sophie is truly traveling in style!
    xx, shell


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