April 21, 2011

Fezzik Friday - 44 Weeks...

Hi, everybody!
Hope you're ready for another Fezzik Friday.

You may notice I'm spending this week lying low.

First, Mom told me that Miss Shell
lost her beloved Sugie this week.

Miss Shell, I hope you feel better soon. I'll miss hearing
Mom read your stories about your sweet girl bunny.
Mom and I wish we lived closer so that
we could come over and help you feel better.

We're all very sad to hear this news and Mom, Kessie and I
send love and hugs to Miss Shell and Harrington.

On Tuesday, Mom told me that she made an appointment with my doctor for a little operation next week. Something about the "family jewels" and jokes about my voice changing. I don't think that's funny! I've been awfully proud of my Big Boy voice, and I don't want to end up with a little, yippy voice...ever. Woe is me. (Or is it, "woe is I?")

My surgery is scheduled for next Thursday, and will be a bit more extensive than a run-of-the-mill neutering. Mom said we can thank my greedy, disreputable, selfish breeder who knew she was breeding boys that don't drop their little boy hardware. Mom said that my doctor is going to have to look a little harder to find them so they can be removed.

Mom said she's having this done because she loves me and doesn't want me to get sick when I get older...and because she loves corgis, she doesn't want me contributing a breed flaw to the gene pool. We're being responsible pet and owner.

All that being said, it's still a major surgery , so it means I'll have to stay overnight at the clinic. I won't be home in time to write my own post next week, so I hope you'll come back and read Mom's post-op report. I promise I'll be back as soon as I can to let you know how I'm feeling. Wish me luck! 'til then,

"More wagging, less barking."
Fezzik Inconceivable

PS. Mom asked me to add this little reminder for everyone, too:

MONDAY, April 25th is our next Memory Lane Monday. We hope you'll have a story to link to the party. Mom will have her post up around 10 pm on Sunday to make it easier for you to link up and join in the fun.


  1. Hi ya, Pal
    Hey, let me warn ya. If ya keep lettin your mom take pictures of you lazin around, you're gonna get the nick name I hate...Lazy Boy... my ma is alway callin me that and I HATE it. And she says it in a sweet mommy voice and says "Yazy Boy", well, maybe I DON'T hate it so much.

    I had that surgery, but they didn't have to hunt for my fellas. I'm a Box-a-dor you know, and we don't have those problems. But let me tell ya, your mom sure loves you. The worst part is stayin at the place all night. But you'll be sleepin so don't worry. You're gonna get lots of love and prizes when you get home.

    Hey kid, keep smilin and Don Warry 'bout it!!

    Your pal
    Black Jack Shelack

  2. Oh my - surgery - that never sounds good- whether is just the quick clip in the vets office or more detailed work like yours.

    We'll be purring and praying for you and don't worry we'll come back and check with you mom to see how your doing. We will even wait till your well enough to start doing your own posts again.

    Genghis Khat


  3. Condolences to dear Miss Shell. I will be thinking of you, sweet Fezzie, as you bravely endure your surgery. You are such a good boy to be so responsible. Best wishes to you and your mom! Happy Easter! Twyla

  4. Gee Fezz....you and your mom are very responsible for doing this. Maui (my kitty sister) and I are both what our mom calls 'spayed' but it means the same thing. No pups or kittys by accident and that makes a happy home. Don't worry too much about it. You'll have a nice nap and pretty soon you'll be swimming with Kessie again.
    Bryn (my mom typed this cause my paws don't fit the keys)

  5. It was very sad about sweet Sugie. I am sure Miss Shell would love to have a hug from your Mom and cuddle with you Fez. You will be fine next week and think of all the attention you will get.

  6. Blessings to you this Easter Weekend. And I hope all goes well with surgery. So sorry to hear about Shell.

  7. I will keep you in my prayers little Fez and I am sure it will all go brilliantly.
    Have a wonderful Easter and give a big lick to Kes from me and my kitties! Love ya little guy!
    Tina xo

  8. Hi Fezzik: You might think of this as "your right of passage and freedom". This won't change your writing career at all. Maybe you will get popsicles in yummy flavors you love. If it were my BooBoo Kitty those flavors would be shrimp, tuna and raw chicken with a shrimp chaser. You will do quite fine and Mom, Dad and Kes will all take really good care of you. Happy Easter and prayers for your complete and speedy recovery.

  9. Good luck Fezz I'm sure you come through it with flying colors.

  10. So sorry to hear about Sugie. And dear Fezz, I will have you in my thoughts. All will be fine - you are a brave young boy and everything will go amazingly well. Let us know when you are up and running again!!! Be good and have a wonderful weekend with the family. Theresa

  11. Fez, You will be very brave and I know that mom will take real good care of you when you come home. You will be standing guard in your back yard in no time. Happy Easter to you, Kes, mom and dad. Your Missouri Friend.

  12. Good evening, Donna,
    I hope the surgery goes well...and your patient is cooperative!

    Anyway, not sure you know about my Etsy team giveaways...you should stop by and sign up!

    Have a blessed Easter. ~Natalie

  13. Hi Fezz, It's me Teddy! I am so sorry about Sugie. About your visit to the vet, I've been there, done that. Just remember when you get home to play it for all it's worth. If you do they will give you lots more pets and belly rubs, treats, etc. Works every time. I'll be thinking about you next Thursday. You all have a Happy Easter!!!
    High paws and all that stuff, Teddy and my mom Sharon

  14. Thanks so much sweet boy. We appreciate all your hugs. We'll be sending lots of happy get well wishes for you. Your mum is a good pet parent.
    xx, auntie shell

  15. Sending Hugs to Fezzik and I'm SO PROUD of Mommy for her job well done...She'll be holding your Adorable Little Paw all the way!
    My Heart is broken for Our Shell and her lose!
    Big Hugs to you,
    See you this evening...


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