April 24, 2011

Memory Lane Monday - Cruisin'...

Welcome to another Memory Lane Monday, y'all!
Do you remember your first car?

I got my first car when I turned 16. (I passed my test on the first try, in case you're wondering.) My father presented me with a 1965 lavender Chevrolet Corvair convertible. I don't have any photographs of the actual car, but Handsome managed to find this one on the internet.
The actual color was closer to this floss color: Anchor 342 (DMC 211) with a black convertible top.

Of course, I was tickled to have a car to drive. This one had a lever on the dash to change gears, a heater that didn't work in the winter, and for every gallon of gas it used a quart of oil, but it was my car and I loved it.

All that burning oil (which I have since learned was a curse in those cars) created a smoke that billowed out of my car whenever I'd been running for more than a couple of miles. That puppy smoked out the heating vents (so I drove it year round with the window open) and out the long vent above the rear-mounted engine compartment. It was great for meeting guys! Whenever I pulled into the high school parking lot with my sister, guys would come running to see if they needed to help put out a fire! I didn't care. There was nothing quite like being 16 (going on 17), driving with the top down that first summer with the car.

During the summer, high school kids in our town used to drive up and down Main Street from Lakeside Park on the north end down to Gilles Custard Drive-in on the south end. Top down (the car, not me!) Back and forth. Back and forth. Blaring JoJo Gunne singing Run, Run, Run on my radio. Gas was a lot cheaper then. (I do remember 24¢/gallon gas!)

Alas, I only had the "Purple 'Vair" for approximately one year. Seems I hadn't paid attention to all the instructions for taking care of my car. A red dash light came on, and I figured that I could make it home (7 miles) before stopping. I was wrong. The fan belt had broken (which cooled the engine in the corvairs) and I seized up the engine as soon as it overheated. End of my convertible. Poof! My father decided a different car would be better than a new engine...after he gave me the "What were you thinking?" lecture.

I can guarantee that I have never ignored a red light or warning on my dashboard since.
This photograph was taken right around the time that I would have been driving my 'vair. Yup. That's snow on the ground. Don't you just love my bell bottoms? Those were the days!

Here's a link to Run, Run, Run. One more little walk down today's Memory Lane - Cruisin'. Where were you when you heard this song? (Here's the link for my FB friends: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNVc6AokZVk)

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  1. I never had my own car until I was married and then of course it was more his than mine but I do remember the good old days too. Teenagers now days don't know what they are missing. It's a shame they can't just have the life we had..Thanks for sharing Donna

  2. I learned to drive in a 64 Impala. My first car was a 66 Ford Fairlane. When I met Terry he drove a 69 Chevelle which he quickly swapped with me most of the time because he liked the way I looked in it. Shortly ater we were married, he bought me a 69 Mustang convertible (which I hated most of the time except when the top was down). After 40+ years of driving and numberous cars I can truthfully say my favorite is what I am driving now...a Honda Element.

    I remember that song well.

  3. We had this same car!!! I was in about the 5th or 6th grade. I remember my Dad driving it into the driveway and the look on my mother's face! Of course, my brother and I loved it, but really it was not a "family" car. The next car we had was a station wagon much better suited for a family.
    I remember my dad driving that corvair singing "Purple People Eater"! Thanks for the smile.

  4. WOW that was a "FANTASTIC" first car!!! My parents owned a "Driving School" and although I had my license when I was 16 I didn't have my first car until I was 18. It was a new Plymouth Duster(light blue)... You are "So Pretty in your bell bottoms"!!! This post is SO MUCH FUN, and brought me RIGHT BACK there too... LOVED the video, it looks like around New England,hehe! Thank you for hosting all the fun. I Hope you had a wonderful Easter...
    Big Hugs,

  5. Good Morning, Donna,
    What a fun post?! My first car...that wasn't my parent's hand-me-down, was a Vega! And it was orange. If I remember right, I was going to be student teaching the next semester, so needed a reliable way to get to my assigned school. I'm not sure I could even find a picture of her!!

    Have a great day. ~Natalie

  6. Donna you are so super cute with your bell bottoms and your stance. Love the lavender convertible Corvair. You must have been an excellent student to get a car at 16. I really enjoy reading these Memory Lane posts. Happy week to you...

  7. Look at YOU, Cutie-Patootie! Woo-Hoo! I never had my own car. I rarely got to borrow my GRANDFATHER'S old Nash Rambler! LOL

    So fun to walk down memory lane with you this morning. This is the first time I got my act together in time to participate.
    Thanks for hosting. I'll try to join in more often.

  8. Now that was a cool car!! And I don't think you'd have to have your top down (either way!) to attract the boys, tho! You look just like a model!!

    Fun post!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. Oh, I so loved your post about your first car! Memories came flooding over me as my first car was a 1962 Corvair Monza, white with blue interior. Oh, how I loved my car! I was a junior in college when I got my car, and it was so fun to drive.....thanks for stirring up that memory today....just lovely!

  10. Donna - My first car was also at the age of 16 (my Dad paid for half and I paid for half). It was boring blue but it had the same lever on the dash to change gears!!! Oh, my - great memory!! I LOVE the color of your car!!! Hugs, Kris

  11. Yep, you totally rock. I think you have your entire life. You should have been on the Charlies Angels show with that fabulous hair, outfit and car. Oh yeah!
    xx, shell

  12. Donna I can't believe I missed your Memory Lane Monday. You know how I love to do those with you.
    Love this picture of you too....wow I bet you were trouble riding around in that pretty convertible. hahahahaha Gosh I have always wanted one myself but kept making excuses on reasons not to have one and now I regret it.
    Great memory lane story.
    Love ya


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