April 18, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again...

I'm working on a commission right now. My client saw the Flying Cloud quilts and wants one for his sailboat's bunk. When I showed him these fabrics, he immediately agreed to this color scheme. "Make it up and I'll send you a check", he said. That's how we sealed the deal.

I'm working on a deadline to have all my work finished on it by April 25th, and then Kathy (Sandy's Quilt Shop) will quilt the top for me. Am I odd because I really enjoy doing the last step...the binding? I really do! I know that some quilters actually hate this step, which I just don't understand. I love this final process for finishing my quilts. It's almost meditation for me.

Today, I'm finishing a pair of potholders for the quilt guild's sales boutique, and then I'll work on this - which I'm calling the "Marie J" quilt - until I have to pack up to go to the guild meeting this evening.

After the guild meetings, we always stay longer to visit over snacks. I signed up to bring "something savory" (others always bring the sweets and beverages), so I have to allot some time to make my contribution for the snack table. There are always wonderful little noshes to sample, so I wanted to be sure to bring something nice. I'm making sausage rolls. They're really easy to make and quite delicious. I'll take a few pictures and share my sinfully simple recipe for them tomorrow.

I'm sure that all of the Marie J blocks will be assembled and I'll get some of the border work complete before I leave to meet up with the girls. What are you doing today?


  1. Today I sewed a little runner sample for the quilt store and then did a painted background for the course I'm taking. But now I work for two days so no more sewing for a bit.
    Your latest project looks good - I like the colours! And I'll be sure to check back for the sausage roll recipe...yummy!

  2. Sounds like you are busy! I am sewing this afternoon and tomorrow. Studio is picked up and project is ready (yes, two more mug mats LOL), house is clean and blog is under control. Sausage rolls sound wonderful. You should post pictures of the pot holders!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I can see why he wants the quilt - You have done a wonderful job indeed !!!!

  4. I like the colors for the sailors quilt and I especially like it that he didn't want nautical.

    Yes, it is funny that you like the binding. Usually people get right up to that then it becomes a UFO!!

  5. Hi Donna, Just stopped in before I head out the door to work. I really like the quilt. You can send some of the sausage rolls my way they sound so yummy. I was glad to see post from some of my friends that were in the storm path lately are o.k. It has been something else weather wise. 41 degrees as I go to work and not going to warm up much either. Take care Your Missouri Friend.

  6. I really like the blues in the new quilt, really sets it off.

    You are so busy and I always enjoy hearing what you are doing. Have a nice week Donna!

  7. Love the colors in the new quilt. I'm with you on the binding. Since most of my quilts leave the house, the binding is the last time I get to spend with them. I like to savoe it.

  8. Sounds like a fun, busy and productive day! Love the quilt fabrics.

  9. I also wonder why a lot of people hate to sew on the binding. It's decorating the icing :-). The quiet part of a hectic day to just sit, listen to some music and take pride in your stitching.
    That's going to be a pretty boat quilt......will be looking to see it finished.

  10. Oh would have loved to have one for our boat too...unfortunately we had to leave it in San Diego.
    Today I am trying to catch up on what everyone has been doing while holding a sick kitty....

  11. How fun to have your Cloud Cottage quilts inspire a sailboat bunk quilt. The colors are so sea and sand. I helped Mr. C put together a new BBQ...well at least I fetched and held things. I did sew a couple more lace bunnies for Easter that is almost here. Happy quilt guild tonight...

  12. No Donna, you are not strange for loving stitching the binding. I'm very much the same. I challenge myself to make my stitches as invisible as possible. I'm sure the Marie J's quilt will look lovely. I'll be interested to see how like your recipe for sausage rolls is to my DH's. His are devine.


  13. You are the most talented "Full of energy" lady I have the pleasure of knowing!!! Your Client is such a Lucky Guy! I have added you into my last post with "Our Book"! What better time to use it than in an Easter vignette! Here is the Link and "Thank you AGAIN for making this treasure Mine"!!!
    Big Hugs,

  14. I like the hand sewing of the binding, for years I was afraid of it and always managed to get my mother or my sister to do it for me, but now that I do it myself it's not so bad.

  15. Glad your back in the saddle again. lol
    You my friend are always so busy and I still after all this time don't know how you get everything done that you do.
    He will love his quilts from you!
    Just had to come by and wish you a Happy Easter in case I don't get to come by again before Sunday.
    Love ya honey

  16. You're keeping busy! The quilt is looking great. :) Theresa

  17. The binding is my most favorite part too for the same reason.
    xx, shell


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