April 27, 2011

Fezzik Friday On Thursday - 45 weeks...

Anybody know what today is?
No. It's not Fezzik Friday, but I really wanted to say "hi" to you this week...before I go to the vet's office today.
Who's nervous? I'm not! I'm a big boy, and I'll be just fine. Right? Yeah, Right! I'll be back before you know it, but I think I'll just take it easy for a few days after the big surgery, so don't be lookin' for me tomorrow.

Mom wouldn't let me model the bowtie and hankie pocket insert that she made for a local young man to wear to prom. Looks a little girly for me, but I'm told it's this color because he wanted to match the dress his date is wearing. He'll be wearing it this weekend, and I'm sure his date will be impressed.

I'm impressed with Mom. She hasn't made one of these before. Now, Dad wants her to augment his performance wardrobe with new bowties and cummerbunds. She said she's looking forward to doing that for him.

Mom is going to take me to the vet's office this morning, and then she's off to have lunch with her friend, Miss Carol from Serendipity. (She said she's sorry Miss Rett from The Gazebo House isn't here to join them, too.) I'll have to stay with the vet overnight, so I'm hoping Mom comes back to get me early on Friday. I'm not going to like staying away from her, Dad and Kessie overnight! Mom will write a post tomorrow to let you know how everything went. Think good thoughts, ok? Thanks! 'til next week

"More wagging, less barking."
Fezzik Inconceivable


  1. Oh Fez! The girls and I will be thinking about you all day today.
    We love you little guy!

  2. Will be thinking about you Fez..We don't like the trip to the vet either..especially the overnight ones..Love ya..See ya soon..Love Bianca...Annie..Maggie..Calli...
    Pickles and Anndarie :)

  3. Saw this today and thought of you


    its a pattern to knit your own Corgi!!

  4. Hey Kid!
    Don't sweat it. Its a piece a cake. You're gonna skate right through it...sorry, I mean't sleep right through it. Hey, do you know how to count from 100 backwards? The doc always asks you to do that! Did your mom teach ya? Maybe she forgot. Well, it the Doc tells ya to do that, just think about rabbits.
    You can do this standing on your head. (that would make a great pic!)
    Your pard
    Black Jack

  5. Oh sorry mate those trips to the vet are not so bad, just think of all the hugs and treats you'll get when you get home... licks from Willow and Acorn

  6. Fezzie, my thoughts and prayers will be with you today! Look forward to seeing you home again. Twyla

  7. Thinking of you and your Mom today.
    She did a great job on that bow tie! Maybe you can model the next one.

  8. Good luck Fez! You are such a good boy, everything will be all right. Hugs to you!

  9. Speedy recovery sweet one. Auntie Shell loves ya!

  10. Hi Fez: By now your big boy attitude has served you well and you are sleeping soundly. I began my prayers for you yesterday as I did not forget your big weekend. Happy dreams my dear...

  11. I want to give you a big ole hug, Fezz. You are beyond adorable - and I know you will be most brave. Look forward to hearing from you again very very soon! Theresa

  12. Too cute! You did a GREAT job on the tie & pocket kercheif, Donna. I'm impressed & not at all surprised that Mr. Handsome wants his own set. LOL

    Sure wish I COULD be there for lunch with you & Carol. Its STILL raining up here! Thank goodness we live at the top of a hill & have good drainage. Whew!

    Hugs & Have Fun,


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