December 28, 2010

Celebrating Love...

Spring 1984. Taken the first time we came to Florida together.
This photograph was taken by Handsome's mom at her condo in Naples.
Today is Handsome and my 26th Wedding Anniversary. Thirty years since I first laid eyes on him and it seems like only a moment ago. God blessed me the day he came into my life.
Happy Anniversary, Husband.
I had to do a little paperwork yesterday morning, but once that was finished, I headed to the studio. I had decided that I wanted to make mug mats for the gals in my Books A Million group and needed to finish them for last night's gathering.

I went into my fabric stash and pulled out two honey buns of Spring Magic fabric from Moda. (Remember that I made a Spring Magic quilt for my last giveaway?) Nothing like fabric to remind you of a spring day when the weather is chilly, don't you think?
These finished mug mats measure 6 3/4" x 5 1/2". I managed to finish all of them before I had to leave, and gave one to each of the gals. My friend, Adele, said that she didn't want to chance spilling anything on hers. She was going to take it home, fold it in half, add a button and clasp and make hers into a needle keep.

We had a great time catching up. I hadn't seen the gals for a couple of weeks and had missed them. My sweet friend, Krisann, had made a beautiful, new scarf for me in a pretty aqua color. She said the color is called "Sea Glass". I put it on and it immediately took away the chill! I'll take a photo today, and then add it to this post so you can see just how wonderful it is. Thank you, Krisann. You're so generous - and I'm so grateful.

Oh, and I'm not giving up on finding a way to obtain Helen's recipe for the decadent Peanut Butter Meltaways that she brought to the gathering! They're addictive, and I have to have more!
I'm not even embarrassed that I licked the empty plate last night. Well, maybe just a little...

***Now, you've read all the way to the bottom of this post without complaining, so I'm going to surprise you with a little drawing. If you'd like a chance to win one of two Spring Magic Mug Mats, leave a comment on this post. I'll draw two names from all the comments left and will let you know tomorrow who the two lucky winners are. This drawing is for current followers only. I mean, if you read and tolerate me on a regular basis, you ought to be rewarded. Good Luck!
***Drawing will be held at 11 pm on Wed., Dec. 29, 2010.***
Thanks for entering!


  1. A very Happy Anniversary to you and Handsome. Thirty years is quite an accomplishment. Your mug mats are beautiful and I would love to have one. Celebrate and enjoy one another...
    P.S. You Donna and your blog are a true joy in my days!!!

  2. it is always a joy to read about love that lasts. happy anniversary!
    i would love to win a mug mat but if i win it, i will follow adele's plan to make it a needle keep (hmm, counting chickens before they're hatched?)

  3. Happy Anniversary...I think we should give you a gift for letting us come and join you every day..

    and the privlige to see Kes and Fez atleast

    Happy Sprig colors..

  4. Hi Donna:) Happy Anniversary to you two, a beautiful couple. Here's wishing you many more years of enjoyment together.
    Happy New Year too!

  5. Happy Anniversary to the beautiful couple, and Happy New Year, Dear Friend!


  6. 26 years! Wow, that is such a long time and still looking so happy!
    the mug holders are fabulous! Love them!
    hugs from a regular ;-)

  7. Happy Anniversary to you & HANDSOME! I know you & the furry kids celebrated didn't you? And you made me laugh saying you licked that plate! Oh my I have been eating so much rich food lately I've had heart burn every night! It's heck gettin old! :0

  8. How special you are to have such a great partnership. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Those girls at your group seem real fun.
    Happy smiles, Angela.

  9. Happy Anniversary, and may you have many more years of love and happiness.
    The Peanut Butter Meltaways sound wonderful! No wonder you licked the plate!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and your handsome husband! i love the picture of the two of you - you're a very good looking couple!

    Love the mug mats - the colors are fantastic!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, thirty years together is wonderful. I love the mug mats and the fabric colours are so bright and cheerful.

  12. Happy Anniversary Donna!!!!!! Many, many more!!!


  13. Happy Anniversary! I just found your blog and I LOVE the beautiful things you have made.

  14. Tolerate're so funny. When I saw those mats I thought how pretty they were. I think this is going to be my year to love pink. I keep picking up pink fabrics.

    Happy Anniversary. I love to see long time love affairs. I've been in mine for 39 years. I know you will enjoy the day.
    Happy New Year too!

  15. First of all congratulations on your anniversary. You are a great looking couple! I had to laugh at one of your previous posts that said something to the effect that during 2010 you hadn't sewn as much as you wanted to. It seems like you finished a quilt or two every day! LOLOLOL It would have taken me weeks to get mug mats looking so good.

  16. Happy Anniversary Donna and Handsome!
    You both make a very attractive couple and the happiness you share is evident on your beaming faces! I wish you much joy today and many many more years to come!
    Yes please do enter me in the drawing, what a wonderful way to start the new year!
    Tina xo

  17. Happy Anniversary to a very special couple you deserve only the best and it seems you have found that in each other. Donna your mug mats are lovely and would be proud to be the new owner of one thanks for the chance♥

  18. Dee, Happy Anniversary to you and Handsome, how wonderful!!!! What wonderful cup mats, you always think of such gorgeous things to make for others!
    Almost all of the baking here has been given away, except for a few butter tarts, and I plan on licking the plate too!!!!!

  19. Well, happy, happy anniversary to you! You make a super couple. ; )
    Don't you love a winter wedding? Ours is next week. I think they are romantic. Anyway, have a fabulous day!

  20. Good Morning, Donna,
    Happy Anniversary to you two love birds. You make a great couple.

    I wish I was in your book sounds like a fun group. Have a Wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

  21. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Your Blog is wonderful and your trees thank you for your care even if your linens don't. At least we are slowly warming up here in the sunshine state.

  22. Love the picture of you and hubby when you first met. Congrats on your wedding anniversary. I would love to be in your drawing....I am a follower...cause I love your blog! Have a nice week!

  23. Congratulations! I wish you, at the very least, as many as my hubby and me...we've been married 46 years TODAY! So, I'll be thinking of you as we all celebrate our love.

    ...and you snuck a surprise giveaway in....thank you!

    Deborah in NC

  24. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary, dear Donna! Gosh you guys are good lookin'!!
    Love those mug mats, and I had to laugh at your shower caps on the palms...too funny!
    Have a wonderful New Years, Girlfriend!

  25. Y'all are every bit as cute now as you were still have that twinkle in your eye. :-)

    Love the mug mats, and love YOU!

    Happy Anniversary!

  26. Donna, Happy Anniversary to you and your Handsome!!! I love that picture of you and your Handsome in 1984!!

    Thanks for having your giveaway! I love those mug mats-so nice and colorful!

    I hope you and your Handsome have a wonderful, wonderful day!

  27. I hope you had a very happy anniversary. You both look wonderful! I've just got home from Christmas in the Lake District (UK)
    I'm absolutely exhausted afer a seven hour journey home, but your giveaway has made me feel much better, Please enter me.

  28. CONGRATS on 26 years.
    Life's so much fun when you and your mate enjoy the same things AND enjoy doing them together.
    Again, Congrats to you and hubby


  29. Happy 26th!! Here's to another 26 and more! I'd love to win a mug rug, I love everything you make. HAPPY NEW YEAR too, xoxox

  30. Love your blog...just became a follower ! !

  31. Happy Anniversary! You both look very happy!

  32. Happy Anniversary to you and Handsome.
    Your mug mats are beautiful, would love to be entered into your giveaway.

  33. Just wanted to wish you a very happy anniversary girlfriend! Ya'll are just as cute now as you were then!
    I love your mug rugs, but I don't need to be entered. Let somebody else have the opportunity to win your lovely work. I'll follow you always!
    xx, shell

  34. Hi Donna, You make such a wonderful couple and I hope you did something special to celebrate this special day. I know that I am to late to enter your drawing, but I do like your new mug rugs. I didn't read your blog this morning. I was a little late getting around. I had a very long day yesterday with my hubby getting his iron infusion. I did finish two tea towels. I hope to get the edges done tomorrow evening so that I can take pictures. Have a wonderful weekend. We are have a heat wave. It is 50 degrees as I write this to you. Your Missouri Friend.

  35. Very Happy Anniversary to you both, Donna! My, what a beautiful couple you are.

    And Happy New Year!! – g

  36. Happy Anniversary to you both! You are still both as beautiful as when you first met. Theresa


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