December 17, 2010

Fezzik Friday (oops, Saturday) - 27 Weeks...

Sorry I missed my Friday date with you. Mom's been really busy and forgot to remind me it was time to write to you again. (I haven't mastered the calendar, yet. Can you believe it?) So, I'm a day late, but I have lots of pictures to share today.

Kes and I have a brand new game. It starts by running around the dining room table. It doesn't matter who does the chasing. It's the running that's the important part.
Then, when we're on opposite sides of the table, I hide under a chair where Kessie can't reach me. Next is the good part. Kes barks at me! Just one sharp, "Come out of there right now" bark to get my attention. I wag my tail and the chasing starts all over again! We keep playing until we have to get a drink of water, 'cuz our tongues are hanging out. It's a blast!
Our other game is to take all of the squeaky toys out of our toy basket and scatter them around the living room. (Mom says it looks like a massacre was perpetrated on the rug. hee hee) Kes has quite a collection of toys, and then Mom added some great new toys for me. We share, so that way we get to play with even more toys than if we were selfish and only played with our own.
Kes and I roll all of them around with our noses, and have a great time squeaking and playing tug-of-war. My two favorites are the red Kong toy (which has great "rollability") and the fox in the front right of this picture. It's my newest toy and I can really whip it around if I hold it by the tail.
When my red Kong toy starts rolling, I make a point of pushing it under the sofa. Most of the time I can get it myself, but sometimes I prefer to just guard it while I watch Kes beat up the rest of the toys...and wait for Mom or Dad to move the sofa so I can sneak around the back to get it.
Dad always comes in the room and in a real serious voice says, "Ok. What are you two up to now?" Kes smiles and wags her tail, which seems to get a good reaction. I try to follow her lead by looking cute and smiling, too.
Or sometimes I just sit down and look cute. As soon as the laughing starts, I know it worked.

I hope you're all having fun and being safe as you finish your holiday errands. This will be my very first Christmas, and I can tell already that I'm going to like it a lot. Next Friday is Christmas Eve. I'm thinking about dressing up for the occasion. See you next week!

Fezzik Inconceivable (and Kes, too!)


  1. They are both SO SWEET!!! Love them!!!
    Hugs to all of you,

  2. Aren't you the best of friends! How cute the two of you are!

  3. AH! it will be a very Merry Christmas at yor house....with a new little family member...are they gettting thier Christmas pictures taken? didn't like his.

    Happy Holidays Donna
    p.s. hope you are feeling all better soon...

  4. There you are my furry friend! I looked for you yesterday. Glad to see all is well, be glad you can fin under that sofa!

  5. You two are so spoiled, but then that is the way that it is suppose to be. Tell your mommy that I enjoyed reading the previous post and our mutual friend Shell is so precious. I also received a surprise package from her. Your quilts will be greatly appreciated by those that receive them. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas
    Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Hi Donna! This is such a cute post! Those pups just steal my heart every time! ... I have to go see all I missed...:) xoxo

  7. Love these two cuties so much!!!! I am forever picking up play toys from my babies. And Neo likes to hide his toys. Sometimes I don't see them for months - and then they end up making a grand appearance from who knows where! LOL Thanks for Fezzik and Kes' fun play date! Theresa

  8. What an adorable post featuring a couple of real cutie pie canines! It's such fun to watch dogs play games with each other. :-) Looking forward to seeing a dressed up Fez...
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Donna! ~ Sue


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