December 26, 2010

Leftovers and Football - And A Project...

I didn't sew as many pieces this year as I did last year, but my Christmas gifts were a bit more involved in 2010. I thought I'd create a mosaic to show you everything that was sewn and sent off to very special people this year.

I've already got feedback. Let's see...Granddaughter #1 said, "She always send the neatest pajamas!". Grandson said, "The pajamas fit perfectly, Grandma, and I love my new quilt." Daughter-in-love #2 said, "The little chenille coat is just wonderful. We love it!"

I made a deal with Shell from The Raspberry Rabbits this year. In 2011, we're going to start nagging each other in June or July to start working on our Christmas projects. I'm going to hold her to it. I'm already working on the ideas for next year!
Sunday was a day of playing with my iPad, munching on leftovers and watching football games. I did manage to sew a project, too. I made a case for my iPad, of course! I thought up my own design as I went.

I cut fabric, allowing for an extra 1.5" all around, and then backed it with two layers of batting. I then quilted the front piece and the back piece. I also quilted a flap in the same manner.
I added my label to the bottom of the front piece. After I'd sewn the front and back together I cut a lining from a soft flannel fabric. I joined them and top-stitched the seam at the top of the case and then I add the flap. The case closes with velcro, which was the last element I added to the case. My iPad fits perfectly and will be nice and safe when tucked inside.
I needed an accessory case for the usb power connector and camera adapters, so I set about to sewing one together in the same fabrics - also, without a pattern. I decided on a folded style.
There is a flap on top to keep the accessories from falling out of the case. I also added ties to secure the folded case.
When the flap is lifted, it reveals a row of pockets (one with a gusset for extra room). Everything fit so I'm happy with the results. Back to playing with my new toy!


  1. What a lovely job for a lovely gift...have fun with that...the accessory case is so cute and well done...

  2. Hi Donna, You've been busy! nice to know your ipad is safe and snug.

  3. Lovely cases for your iPad. I need to make a case, or couple of cases for the Kindle we were given.
    But first, I must get the quilting finished on mum's quilt. She is coming here for New Year, so it must be finished for then.

  4. Good Morning, Donna,
    You certainly have been busy. I like the fabrics you chose for your ipad case.

    Have a creative day ~Natalie

  5. I love your ipad cute and quilty!

  6. Nag, nag, nag...ohhhh yeahhhh....I'm good at it. Just ask David. hee,hee,hee.

    Love your toy bag girlfriend.

    xx, shell

  7. Hello Donna, Kes, and Fezzik!

    What a great iPad case you've designed! I looked for one that was a combined stand/folder but unfortunately the stuffing in them had a strong odor. So it sits in its box. Do Kes and Fezzik like the iPad? My Miss Gracie is addicted to Game for Cats in which a mouse runs around on a big cheese. When she hits it, is squeals, and she gets points. She loves it so much that she cries for the iPad to come out. It's become a $500 cat toy. :-0 I"m sure they have games for dogs too. In any case, happy holidays to you and yours and enjoy your wonderful Christmas gift!

    Sharon and Miss Gracie

  8. What a lovely gift you created for yourself! Your Ipad will be stylin', that's for sure. :) So happy to hear that family enjoyed your gifts - but how could they not? You do such lovely work! Theresa


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