December 22, 2010

Right On Schedule...

It happens every clockwork. Temperatures dip into the 30s, we unpack our sweaters and enjoy an occasional chili dinner. The warm, Florida days yield to cooler weather, and send a clear signal that it's time for my Christmas cacti to bud and bloom.
For the last ten years, this Christmas cactus has heralded the holiday season with her stunning blossoms.
They were white when I purchased the plant, but our water has changed her snowy blooms to a faint pink. I love their "watercolored" quality with light petals with darker edges.
The cactus on the lower shelf of my plant stand is always the second one to bloom. It's almost as thought it knows that the older plant is to be respected. The darker pink cactus will bloom next week, between Christmas and New Years Day. Handsome and I will be able to enjoy our holiday just a little longer because Mother Nature has awakened her beautiful decorations for us.


  1. Amazing how your blossoms know to bloom at Christmas. The watercolor effect is quite unique. Enjoying the holiday season...

  2. One of my favorite flowers
    Did you know if you break off a Y shaped piece you can make a new plant

    So cool
    Merry Christmas

  3. How beautiful! I love "warm" Christmases! I grew up in New Mexico where the weather isn't too cold at Christmas, now I live where I'm not too sure I want to even go outside because there's too much snow and it's COLD out!

  4. You Christmas Cactus is beautiful! Great photos of the blooms!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Chistmas cactus with us the color is exquisite. Merry Christmas and A very Happy New Year to you and Mr. Handsome Kes & Fezzix
    ♥ & Hugz

  6. Donna, aqui no Brasil chamamos essa flor de FLOR DE MAIO , pois é apenas nessa época que ela floresce ... é mesmo muito linda ...



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