December 10, 2010

The Explorer...

I finished the second pair of Grammies Jammies and decided to start this gift before making the third pair (for our grandson). I'm making another quilt for a young man. This one is using some of the same fabric as the Dolphin Island quilt, but I'm using another main color for it.

Dolphin Island was primarily blues with the chart fabric. I'm using that fabric again, but using greens for accent colors. I've also introduced the nautical-themed weather vane fabric into this quilt, too. I'm calling it "The Explorer" quilt. I've chosen my favorite windmill pattern.

The fabric was chosen and cut, triangles assembled into squares, and I squared them up (all done yesterday). Today, I'll join the squares into the main windmill pattern, and then I'll add the borders. Each square measures 9" and the blocks that create the windmills will measure 16". It's going to come together quickly, so I should be quilting the "sandwich" together tomorrow.

I'll make that third set of jammies over the weekend, too. I'm telling you, the elves are having a grand time!

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Liszha said...

What a beautiful combination of fabrics and patterns. Really manly. Someone is gonna be happy with it!

Mary Ann said...

Very nice looking "man" quilt! What is your favorite choice for the batting in your quilts?

Have a nice weekend.

Jane said...

Can I borrow your elves for awhile? Mine seem to be on an extended coffee break :)
Another beautiful quilt.

Createology said...

Whew! You and your elves are a busy group. This quilt will be a perfect man gift. You are simply amazing with all of your energy and finished projects. No wonder little Fezzik need to take a nap. Happy sewing...

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Mary Ann: My choice for batting is Warm and Natural. I think that's what my machine quilter, Kathy, uses, too.
Happy Creating!

hungryhippie said...

What a fantastic man gift! I've been trying to put a man quilt together for my friend...but it's not happening...ugh.
Need to fire up the Elves!
Happy Weekend to you my friend :o)

Michelle May said...

Oh, I want to borrow those elves too!
xx, shell


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