December 31, 2010

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year from our family to yours.
Wishing you health, love, prosperity and creativity in 2011.

Congratulations to
Shirley K. of Shirley Stitches
winner of the giveaway!

(Be sure to visit tomorrow, when I debut
a new giveaway for the new year!)

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Createology said...

And a very lovely family it is. Happy New Year 2011!

Tracy Suzanne said...

I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2011 for both of us.

Your family is just beautiful and picture perfect. I would have liked to seen you in there too.

Much love and many hugs...Tracy :)

DeeDee said...

Happy New year miss Donna... and congrats to Shirley....

Hope your year is filled with the joys of Family, the happiness of Friends and the laughter of good times


Vintage Sandy said...

Happy New Year dear friend what a lovely family it was missing one important person though YOU for the picture.
I have a ? how do add the ribbon w/acorn between your posts and was it part of your background like an accessory piece. I'd like to do that but not sure how.

Shirley said...

Happy New Year Donna, Family pictures are so precious because you can look at them anytime you want. I am so happy that I won your giveaway. I am having a wonderful start to the new year. I won your giveaway and I sold another of my baby quilts. You have a wonderful day my friend. We are cold, but the streets aren't bad, Your Missouri Friend

Sarah said...

Donna, you have a beautiful family.
Just stopping by today to wish you all the best in 2011. It's been a joy to meet you through your beautiful blog. I enjoy your friendship and take inspiration from all that you do. You are a most talented lady!
New Year Hugs ~ Sarah

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Happy New Year! And congrats to Shirley - hope she enjoys her fun new book! Theresa

Liszha said...

Wow! What a beautiful family! I wish you and your family lots of love and health for 2011!

Charlene said...

What a cute family photo!!!1 And I LOVED the post about Fez & the New Years & his sleeping under the table. These puppies are such clowns aren't they? HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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