January 7, 2010

Some Days A Girl Just Needs To Dream...

Do you find that some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can't focus? I have so many ideas swimming in my head right now that I couldn't settle on a single project to tackle in the studio yesterday.

I sorted and chose fabric in lovely colors, patterns and fibers to make a few new things I've been thinking about. Then I sorted fabric. And I moved a few things around. And I looked through a few new magazines. And I made a cup of tea. Then I called my mum to chat. Handsome was gone most of the day, and I had planned to accomplish so much in the studio in his absence. I guess I was just too scattered.

At the end of the day, all I had managed to do was mount and decoupage two reproduction cabinet cards onto fomecore. They are lovely gifts from my friend, Margaret B. (The French Bear) that I had decided to protect and decorate for the studio. I'm going to embellish and finish them later today, and then I'll share them with you. Not much to show for a cold day here in south Florida.

I'll leave you with this image of the vignette on my studio work table that I enjoyed for most of the day. Acorns and beautiful fibers. The day was not lost.

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The French Bear said...

Donna, I love that acorn, what is it? I saw the most amazing little shoe that was a sewing kit, but it was sold, from France....... oh how I wish I could have got it first!!! I wonder what you are going to do with the lovely wool?
You always seem busy doing so many things, it was probably nice to just relax!!!
Margaret B

DeeDee said...

Donna..it was so cold for Texas today...artritis kept me down...I need to keep on my resolution...so glad I am not the only one that gets the down days...and the creative ideas keep flowing...they never stop...I love your acorn pictured there...hope tomorrow is more productive for you...stay warm

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Donna,

I know exactly what you mean..somedays I just ramble around and touch stuff and let my mind unwind a bit because there's no way I'd get anything done.

Have a great day,

The Texas Woman said...

Kept yourself and your studio warm a little longer, Donna. This cold front hitting us is staying around for a couple of more days, dern it! Happy arting!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh how I've had many of those days. Seems I hop from room to room and start a little something in each forgetting why I went in that room in the first place! hee,hee,hee.
Love the colors in that vignette. They match my new decor!

Claudia said...

Some days I just wander around and do the same thing. I don't accomplish anything, but my head is swimming with ideas!


The Rustic Victorian said...

Thats when I turn on an old movie and give up to doing nothing. Your day was productive a great photo and a start to cabinet cards. Sometimes productivity is overrated..lol
we recieved 1/2" of snow yesterday in N. Alabama and it was 13 this morning...love it!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, don't feel bad. Some days I don't quite find my groove either. Have a great day! Twyla

cathleen said...

You sound like me. I walk around fiddling and puttering with yarns, fabrics, or embroidery floss all the time and then by the end of the day I think to myself all the projects I could have worked on instead of just day-dreaming. I, too, have a million ideas floating around. I like to think of it as a creative work in progress, at least in my head!


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